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STX Alliance 160 Lacrosse Attack Shaft

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Weight 195 gr.
Length 30 inch
Grip Yes
Grip Yes, Full Length
Shape Concav
Shape Straight
Material Composite
Position All
BUILT-IN Endcap Yes
Product No.:OAT-AL/160

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The STX Alliance 160 Lacrosse Attack Shaft is a stick of the Alliance Handle Series and was built with STX's Flex Tchnology, which optimizes performance by matching a specific flex level to a player's style and field position. The 160 is the stiffest flex, the 135 is mid-flex and the 85 is max flex. This Lacrosse Handle is leight weight but made from high strength material. Thanks to the concave octagon profile with super fine texture the player gets the best feel.

Advantages of the STX Alliance 160 Lacrosse Attack Shaft:

  • built with STX's Flex Technology, which optimizes performance by matching a specific flex level to a player's style and field position
  • 160 stiffest flex, 135 mid-flex, 85 max flex
  • leightweight and high strength composite materials
  • concave octagon profile with super fine texture for best handle feel
Types of Lacrosse Shafts/Handles

Aluminum Lacrosse Shaft

Once the most common shaft, aluminum lacrosse handles have a good strength-to-weight ratio. These shafts are great for lacrosse players of all ages, however with advancing technology lighter and stronger handles are now used by higher level lacrosse players. Aluminum shafts are great for all positions, even goalies.

Titanium Lacrosse Shaft

Titanium lacrosse shafts provide a much higher strength-to-weight ratio than any aluminum shaft available. Known for their superior strength, Titanium lacrosse handles are great for the lacrosse player who needs a durable handle that can withstand the physical nature of the game without sacrificing weight. The Warrior Titan Pro Titanium for example is the number one choice among MLL pros.

Composite Lacrosse Shaft

Composite lacrosse shafts are made of high grade carbon fiber, allowing for great strength and weight. The composite lacrosse shaft allows for ultimate feel and control. There is no need for grip tape with Composite lacrosse handles.

Alloy Lacrosse Shaft

Alloy lacrosse shafts are characterized by their unmatched feel and weight. They are the lightest lacrosse shafts in the game and also deliver great strength. Many manufacturers are now adding built-in grips to their alloy lacrosse handles which offer, you, the lacrosse player a unique and advantageous feel. Alloy shafts include, variations of C405, Vanadium, and many other mixed metal combinations.

Scandium Lacrosse Shaft

Made of high performance element number 21. Scandium lacrosse shafts feature the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any other shaft in the lacrosse world. This shaft is great for lacrosse players of all positions because of its great feel and durability.

Pocket vs. Head ?

With so many great heads on the market we get asked, "What is the best head?" That's kind of like asking, "What's the best burger?" The answer should be the one you like... for whatever reason. The truth is, most great players can play great lacrosse with almost any head. The key is the pocket, which is the individualized aspect of lacrosse.

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