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Trigger point massage with the Zen Core Massage Peanuts & Trigger Balls

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80-90% of all pain syndromes are due to localized disturbances in muscle function and muscel stiffness. The trigger points are very small and often do not cause pain, therefore it is really hard to locate them. Because they transfer the pain in far off body parts, trigger points are a problem. Muscel stiffness in the back of the neck often causes a tension headache.

You can counter these mean trigger points with the Zen Core massage balls. These massagers help you to loosen muscel stiffness and reduce pain.

Effect of the trigger point massage

The trigger point massage can not only be applied if you have severe pain but also to cure adherence of the musculature. Adherences arise mainly because of a lack of movement or insufficient fluid intake. In the long run adherence of the musculature can induce restriction of the motion, an increased injury risk and a decrease in productivity.

With specific and regular massages you are able to raise elasticity of your muscles, prevent muscular fatigue and to boost performance. Which sportsman can say no to that?

Practice of the trigger point massage

The different shapes and hardness grades of the massagers by Zen Core enable a professional treatment of trigger points. They can be used diversely and comfortably where you want.

A trigger point massage that you do yourself is also called myofascial relaxation and is being mentioned in many training plans for some time past.

At this point we have to metion that trigger point massages are painful. But every sportsman knows that the path to an improved performance can be painful.

For the usage of the Zen Core massagers it is important to know that when you do the massage yourself you do not have to go to the pain threshold. Too much perssure instead for relaxation can cause another tension. An increased intensity of the trigger point massage can be reached for example when you use the Zen Core massagers while standing vertically on the wall at first and then while lying down.

Zen Core massage peanuts

The Zen Core massage peanuts are applied mainly on the back along the spine. They take the pressure from the spine and massage the muscles on the spine. The distance between the two balls serves the purpose of resting your spine and enables that the muscles next to the spine can be reached perfectly.       

Zen Core trigger ball set

Because of the three different hardness grades you can loosen the tension of the bodyparts ideally:
  • yellow -> low
  • orange -> medium
  • red -> high
You can change the hardness grade according to the tension of the bodypart you want to massage. We recommend to masse the bodypart for at least eight seconds but no longer than one minute.

Zen Core application


The Zen Core massage peanuts as well as the trigger ball set, ease muscle tensions and adherence of the whole body and are easy to use.

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