German football national player supporting German Lacrosse Championships

The German Lacrosse Championships 2011 which includes the women’s, the men’s, the girls’ and the boys’ national final four tournaments will be hosted by the Bremen Lacrosse teams Snappenlikkers and Likkedeelers in their wonderful home-city of Bremen. As their club has its lacrosse fields right next to the legendary Weser Stadion, which is home of German Bundesliga Football powerhouse Werder Bremen, it is only a natural consequence that one day one of the football pros would recognize the great sport that his neighbors are playing. But who would have thought that this somebody would be a starting defender of the German football national team. Per Mertesacker did not only recognize lacrosse, he liked it that much that he decided to become the official godfather of this year’s German Lacrosse Championships. What that actually means? Well, Mertesacker sent out a letter to all attendees of the event and dressed up as a lacrosse player of the Likkedeelers.

Lacrosse player - Per Mertesacker

Lacrosse player – Per Mertesacker

Looking good, Per, looking good! Hope to meet you at the lacrosse fields in Bremen on the 11th and 12th of June, buddy!

We will definitely keep you up-to-date concerning Mertesacker’s lacrosse career, just check back with our news section.

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