German Men’s Lacrosse Season – Who’s hot?

When the snow says good bye, it’s time to kick of the second part of the Men’s Lacrosse Season in Germany. Who’s hot, who’s not? Here are a few German men’s lacrosse teams to look out for:

München vs. Hamburg at Springball 2011

München vs. Hamburg at Springball 2011

Munich – HLC Rot-Weiß München:

Defending champions, most experienced team in Germany, played a great preseason so far by going undefeated against all their opponents at the Springball 2011 in Stuttgart. Their only problem could be that some of their key players are not getting younger… But that is the only thing I can think of why they should not win it again this year.

Berlin – Berliner HC:

Great young team, which is being coached by former German U19 coach Ingo Hess. They already looked great in last years finals. However, they do not have great competition in their league and did not do as well as everyone thought in the Springball tournament.

Hamburg – HTHC Hamburg Warriors:

Hamburg is Germany’s most professional and well organized lacrosse club. Therefore, like Bayern Munich, they always have more than just a chance to win the whole thing. However, even though they looked very impressive in the first half of the season, this year they already lost against Hannover – something they were not able to do for the last like 10 years.

Aachen – FC Inde Hahn:

All their players are in their best Lacrosse years. So far, they had some very impressive wins against teams like Frankfurt. Their hopes are to return to the German Championship finals for the third time. They are very capable of reaching that goal, however, it will be interesting to see, how they will perform in the playoffs against teams like Munich or Berlin.

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