The legendary Lacrosse NUCC 2011 event in England

What a fabulous event! Organized and hosted by the lovely girls of the Hatch End Hawks Lacrosse Club the National University and Club Championships (NUCC) in North of London, England, were not only revived but also taken to another level.

With a history of over 60 years now, the NUCC is one of England’s most traditional lacrosse tournaments. While the competitiveness was definitely present last weekend, the fun, though, was the most important thing.

On Saturday some of England’s best women teams competed for the national women’s lacrosse championship. In the end it was Centaurs who beat Birmingham in a 3:2 final thriller. After the tense finals excitements it was the Captain-Lax mascot who made everybody losen up again. While walking up to hand over the fair-play awards, suddenly Captain-Lax’s white XXXXXXXXXL shorts decided to take a little rest and fell down to the ground. With a little help he finally got them up again.

On the next day the weather and therefore the fun got even better. The mixed teams put a lot of effort not only in their lacrosse play, but also in their outfits. All kind of colors were present from the most evil pink color-ways to some players being dressed up as if they were going to carnival.

Special thanks go out to Smoothy and Maggie for setting this whole thing up. Awesome job, girls!!!

Check out some more pictures of the NUCC 2011 in our picture section.

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