German Women National Lacrosse Team 2013 is sponsored by Captain Lax

[singlepic id=91 w=320 h=240 float=right]This year Captain Lax has partly sponsored the Pinnies for our Lacrosse Women National Team.

They achieved a great 10th place at the World Tournament in 2009. Nevertheless for 2013 we want more. We wish our Women National Lacrosse Team the best of Luck for the World Tournament 2013 in Oshawa, Kanada!!! Go for it!

We would particularly like to thank the whole team and Douglas for their greatful support!

For alle German Lacrosse-Fans is here the line-up oft the German National Lacrosse Women Team:

Goal Paul Sabine Berlin Lacrosse
Goal Beck Luisa Neckarnixen
Defense Au Jackie HLC Rot-Weiß München
Defense Dürr Julia TSG 78 Heidelberg
Defense Hupka Inga SC 1880 Frankfurt
Defense Voigt Henrike DHC Hannover
Defense O’Connor Colleen Würzburg Lacrosse
Midfield Backer Annette Bremen Lacrosse
Midfield Balz Pia Neckarnixen
Midfield Biffar Charlotte Palo Alto High School
Midfield Blank Anna DHC Hannover
Midfield Heiser Magdalena SC 1880 Frankfurt
Midfield Helf Tessa HLC Rot-Weiß München
Midfield Koschorek Laura HLC Rot-Weiß München
Midfield Neubert Lisa DHC Hannover
Midfield Patterson Emily Saint Francis University
Midfield SchäŠfer Kristina TSG 78 Heidelberg
Midfield Schulte Eva HLC Rot-Weiß München
Midfield Schroer Katharina HLC Rot-Weiß München
Attack Kandziora Jella TSG 78 Heidelberg
Attack Kriwall Mareile DHC Hannover
Attack Neubert Lisa DHC Hannover

Keep your finger’s crossed for OUR Lacrosse Team! The Women Lacrosse World Cup will take place July 10 – 20 in Oshawa, Canada.

Inbetween you can Create Your OWN TEAM JERSEY


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