Women’s World Lacrosse Cup 2013 – The Results

The German Women National Team dit it! During an exciting game Germany beat Austria 14 : 6 and hence achieved place 12. 

Here are the places of the Women’s World Lacrosse Cup 2013:

1 United States
2 Canada
3 Australia
4 England
5 Wales
6 Scotland
7 Haudenosaunee
8 Israel
9 Japan
10 Ireland
11 New Zealand
12 Germany

The German Women Lacrosse Team achieved this not because of but despite lagging sponsors and public support in Germany. Even if  this is a general problem concerning lacrosse in Germany for the Women National Team it is even worse. (by the way: Captain Lax partly sponsored the Pinnies 😉 )

Therefore the result is all the more impressive! Congrats to the Women National Lacrosse Team Germany! Sticks up!

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