2. Redstore.de Lacrosse Cup in Würzburg – just one more week

Lacrosse Tournament Red Store Lacrosse Cup WürzburgJust 1 more week and the 2. Redstore.de Lacrosse Cup (formally known as Beate Uhse Cup) will take place in Würzburg a beautiful franconian city. 15 Men and 4 Women Teams have subscribed to be part of this great lacrosse tournament.

Captain Lax will be on the scene to celebrate with all laxers and lax fans. Don’t miss one of the biggest lacrosse events in franconia and meet Captain Lax on August 24th in Würzburg.

Men Teams

1. Innsbruck Eagles 9. FT Würzburg Lacrosse
2. Kumpelz Lacrosse 10. Wuelax
3. PickUp 11. Ingolstadt Panthers
4. Tribesmen Erlange 12. Nürnberg Lacrosse
5. Stuttgart Lacrosse 13. SG Bundeswehr/Passau
6. Leipzig MiCocks 14. Mannheim Lacrosse
7. Bielefeld Lacrosse 15. Karlsruhe Storm
8. Mainz Musketeers

Women Teams

1. FT Würzburg Lacrosse 3. Mainz Musketeers
2. Neckarnixen 4. PickUp

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