Lacrosse Video Game Turns to Lax Fans for Funding

Lacrosse Video Game

This is your chance to become a lacrosse god! That, of course, in the next lacrosse video game “Lacrosse 14” which is currently being developed by Crosse Studios.


Lacrosse 14 on Kickstarter

The developers have taken to asking lacrosse fans all over for help in funding the development of the game. If all goes according to plan, we should probably see it coming out some time next year. The studio is using the site Kickstarter to gather so-called “pledges”: if you promise a sum of money and the project fulfills its goal sum (which is set at $210.000), then your money can help the development to continue.  You have to be asking yourself: what do I get for my money then? Well, the smart guys at the studio also offer rewards for every pledge bigger than $5.

The rewards range from a cool wallpaper to prove your involvement, to early beta access and beta testing or even getting your name and face in the game as a playable character with excellent, even godly player ratings. Ever wondered what it would be like to be a sports star? Then you’d have to pledge $45 or more to make it happen.

About the new lacrosse video game

The gameplay is diverse and appeals to every kind of video game player: tricks and training, lacrosse dress up with all the latest gear, dynasty mode (where you manage an entire team) or even multiplayer! Imagine a night packed with playing lacrosse with all your team mates, but this time while eating popcorn in front of a computer or a tv.

The game had gathered $26,842 at the time of writing. For more information about what the game can do or how you could also lend a helping hand to the developers of this awesome lacrosse video game, check out their page on Kickstarter here, and watch the promotional video here, on Captain Lax, the European Lacrosse Blog!

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