4th Prague Winter Cup 2014

The 4th Prague Winter Cup takes place between the 24th and 26th January 2014 and the registration was closed in three days due to the tournament’s capacity being filled.

The teams who did get to register are the following:
Honey-Badgers (GER)
Vienna Monarchs (AUT)
Bundeswehr Lacrosse (GER)
EuroLaxCo (FRA)
Bats Bratislava (Slovakia)
LC Pardubice (CZ)
LCC Wolves (CZ)
ForFun (CZ)
Deutschland Adler (GER)
LC Custodes Radotín (CZ)

The event is to be found at the LCJM Hall, in Prague, Czech Republic and the full schedule can be seen on the tournament’s official website: click here.

Although Captain Lax cannot actively be there, we wish everyone good luck and sticks up!

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