STX, the New MLL Partner, Issues a Recall


STX Recalls Faulty Goalie Throat Protector

The newly-announced MLL Partner STX issued a recall the past few days, warning all lacrossers to stop using the STX Shield throat protector, starting immediately.

It turns out that the protector could actually do more damage than protect, since it was reported that, after repeatedly receiving blows, the protector can crack and bruise or even lacerate the lacrosser’s skin. This is why STX has officially recalled the product, offering clients a full refund on their faulty protectors.

The full announcement can be read on STX’s website here.

MLL Partner

Earlier this month, STX announced that they had just signed a one-year contract with MLL to be their official partner. STX will provide the MLL teams with all needed equipment, such as gloves, pads, shafts and heads. Hoping that this partnership will attract other important manufacturers, MLL Commissioner David Gross said:

“Our goal when opening the equipment category was to help unite the sport and with STX being the first manufacturer to take advantage of this opportunity, we believe this will create the impetus for others to join them.”

The Major League will start on the 26th of April and we’re excited to see the awesome videos that the league always manages to produce.

Until then, sticks up!

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