Ever heard of VX, Lacrosse’s long lost Cousin?

Playing Lax on a Squash Court

VX Game 2vs2
For those of you wondering how you could fit a match of lacrosse on a squash court, don’t worry: you can’t. VX is a rapindly-expanding sport that “is not an adaptation of any single sport“, but a mix of more which blend into a fast-paced match.

More accurately put, it’s dodgeball played with tennis balls using adapted lacrosse sticks with scoops on both ends. It all happens on a squash ball if it’s played 2v2, or a court a bit bigger than a basketball one, when played between two teams of 5.

Already sounds fun, doesn’t it?

How is VX played?

Described as not only one of the fastest sports, the rules of VX are also very simple. A player will aim to score points by hitting someone on the other team with the ball. At that point, the hit player must raise his hand and wait for the referee to see him and allow him to continue playing. If said player does not acknowledge the hit, it will be counted as a foul. Additional points are awarded for scooping a ball up again after hitting a player and the normal duration of a match is four quarters times four minutes each.

More information about the rules of this fun amalgam of games can be found on the global VX Website, including this cool video explaining everything:

Where is the sport being played now?

VX Global tells us that Europe’s only countries that are currently involved in this sport are Denmark, Northern Ireland, Scottland and England, the place where it all began. VX is also present in two Asian countries, five African ones and in the United States of America. Undoubtedly we will be hearing about this intriguing game more and more, as its simplicity and need of fast reflexes will surely entice more and more players to give it a go!

Until then, sticks up!

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