Gait Lacrosse and the meaning behind it

Gary and Paul Gait

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Have you ever wondered who is behind the big lacrosse equipment suppliers and what made them get involved in the world of the fastest sport on two feet? Today we’re going to talk about Gait Lacrosse.

Gait: A talk about legends

You might be surprised to find out that “Gait Lacrosse” actually has a meaning behind its name. Back when twin brothers Gary and Paul Gait played together for team Syracuse Orange in the States (1987-1990), they practically obliterated competition and formed an explosive duo which then came to be known as “Gait Lacrosse”. The play style of the two brothers was so out of the box, that they even caused game rules to be changed when Gary invented what is known as the “Air Gait”. Below is a video recorded in 1988 of the actual famous move that resulted in banning it by the NCAA.

He later declared that he thought of the move (which meant scoring a goal by jumping from behind the net) while stretching before a game and thinking “Why not?” He used this play move two times before the NCAA decided they should ban it, but “Air Gait” was already famous all across the States.

The two brothers went on to win a bucket of awards and set records, gaining the respect and recognition of the world of lacrosse and being subsequently added to the Lacrosse Museum and National Hall of Fame and the National Lacrosse League Hall of Fame.

Where are they now?

Gary Gait retired from playing at a professional level in 2005 when he was named head coach of the Colorado Mammoths. He left the team in 2007 after two seasons to return to Syracuse University to coach the women’s team, where he remains to this day as head coach.

Paul Gait, his twin brother, although always living somewhat in the shadows of Gary, also has a successful lacrosse career to boast about. He also retired in 2005 from playing, immersing himself in their company and trying to come up with lacrosse equipment that would satisfy every lacrosse player’s needs. In 2008 it was announced that he would coach the Rochester Knighthawks, but in time he became the team’s vice president.

Here is a video showing the skills and talents that the dynamic duo possessed and that earned them so much fame during their time playing. The name of Gait is one you will probably find in any lists made of the best lacrosse players in the world! See here why:

More about other players that shaped and changed the world of lacrosse coming soon, until then you can browse our Lacrosse Videos section for other interesting videos regarding lacrosse or you can peek in our Lacrosse Pictures section to see what we’ve been up to!

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A young Gary Gait and the role of his life. Convincing, isn’t he? (Yes, we’re kidding.)

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