The Lax Road to Denver – First Thoughts

FIL World Lacrosse Championships 2014 Denver


One of the most passionate players when it comes to lacrosse, Nye Gordon from the Scottish National Lacrosse Team has agreed to keep us updated on his thoughts about the upcoming world championship in Denver!  This is the first of a sequence of blog posts by Mr. Gordon, which start exactly one hundred days before the championships:

Denver: The Selection

Every single person on the list deserves to be there…

“Today is one hundred days until Scotland’s first game at the 2014 World Championships. I’ve done a lot of individual training and team training before this however everything is going to accelerate now as I count down the last days until the tournament. Scotland has had the hardest selection process that I have been a part of to get down to the 30-man travelling squad. Every single person on the list deserves to be there, and there have been some very good players who haven’t made the cut because of the quality of the list.”

Scotland Lacrosse Captain Lax

Photo courtesy of Nye Gordon

Of hopes and dreams, lacrosse and men

…And I have never wanted something so badly.

Probably listing plans, dreams and thoughts that every lacrosse player who was selected for their national teams is having right now, Nye also gives credit where credit is due:

“This is going to be my first World Championships, having played at the European Championships in Amsterdam, and I have never wanted something so badly. Scotland have very ambitious targets for these games and the amount of work that has been put in by the coaches, staff and players has given us a real chance of achieving them. Over the next few months, I’ll be writing a few things and taking a few pictures to show how my training with the Scotland team is in our build up to the games. Next up for us, the British National Championships in Manchester on the 3rd and 4th of April!”

We’re looking forward to hearing from Nye again on his way to Denver! Stay tuned or like us on facebook to get an update when Nye strikes back!

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