The Playoffs of the 2nd BLNO

Exciting and surprising semifinals

The 2nd BLNO (Bundesliga Nord/Ost) playoffs took place on the 24th of May 2014 in Braunschweig, Germany. In the semifinals, the BTHC Guardians went up against Victoria Berlin and won with 9:4 what was described as a very brutal match. Players of both teams got out of the match covered in bruises wherever protection failed to cover their skin, an obvious sign of how much both teams wanted to advance into the finals.

In the end, the Guardians managed to get well ahead and take the boys from Berlin out of the game with a difference in goals that Victoria Berlin would not be able to bounce back from.

Braunschweig Guardians vs Victoria Berlin

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In the second semifinal we saw the Hamburg Warriors II play and win against the Dresden Braves, the end score being 5:7 for the players from Hamburg. This match was no less exhausting and by the end of it, both teams were showing all shades of blue on their arms and legs after having given their best for their team mates and coach. This meant that the Warriors also advanced to the finals, where they would face the Braunschweig Guardians in what was going to surely be an exciting, yet admittedly tired game.

BLNO Playoffs 2014

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Hamburg Warriors II BLNO 2014

And the winner is…

The final game between the Braunschweig Guardians and the Hamburg Warriors II went back and forth for a while, with the fans cheering loudly with every goal or miss of each team. The atmosphere got tense the moment the teams were both on the same footing, with a 6:6 in the middle of the last quarter. The score meant that any following goals would decide the fate of the match and subsequently reveal the winner of the second BLNO.

Keeping the tempo up, the Guardians used the last deciding minutes to the fullest and, gathering their last strength and training, they managed to score two more goals before time was up, while successfully defending their own space.

With a score of 8:6, the Braunschweig Guardians happily snatched the title of the 2nd BLNO champions and took home the well-deserved trophy after a very draining day on the field.

We’ve managed to get a few pictures from the whole event, so enjoy!

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