World Lacrosse Championships 2014 – The Winner

It’s been some exciting 10 days, filled with some of the most amazing games of the year and at the end of it all, we’re left with a champion team that can call itself the best in the world. To complete a full circle, the grand finals were played between Canada and USA, a sort of a deja vu, since both teams’ first match of the championship was against each other.

The United States’ team snatched the victory of the first game and went on undefeated all throughout the championship, winning against top teams such as England, Iroquois Nationals and two times against Australia, but in the finals, Canada managed to control the ball so well, that USA couldn’t get their sticks on it long enough to score and claim the trophy for themselves.

Final Standings

Instead, Canada took home their third world champion title with a close score of 8 to 5 and its goalie (in the video above) being named Most Valuable Player of the tournament, with 10 saves for the day only. An aggressive attack strategy coupled with a well-trained defense hindered team USA all throughout the final game to the point that they weren’t able to recover anymore.

With USA earning second place, we have the Iroquois Nationals occupying third place, Australia claiming fourth place and fifth being taken by England. Germany won their last game of the tournament against Ireland and placed ninth with only two lost games during the entire period.

With that said, Canada have earned bragging rights all throughout the world and can relax knowing that they will be holding this title for the next four years!

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