3rd Beate Uhse-Cup 2014 in Würzburg

So ladies and gentlemen, another year brought forth another Beate Uhse-Cup in Würzburg, Germany. As always, the event was a lot of fun and the spirits remained high, even though the rain dampened our tents, hair and pinnies.

As always, there were balls flying from the training area, as well as from the fields, the ladies from Bochum led the tombola and there was fun to be had all around.

3. Beate Uhse Cup Tombola

Congrats to the boys from OWL Allstars and the girls from Mainz Lacrosse for winning their respective trophies and some pretty cool vouchers to a certain store – we all know which one! Yes, to Beate Uhse and many more cups organized!

We also have to say congratulations to Marlene from Mainz and Robert from Friedrichshafen for taking part in and winning the Fastest Shot Contest! Marlene’s shot was recorded to be at 92 km/h, while Robert’s peaked at 135 km/h. Awesome work, guys!

Here are the standings before the final games and after!

Beate Uhse Lacrosse Cup 2014 Pictures

And, of course, a couple of pictures we’ve gathered from the event! We also grabbed ourselves a couple of neat pictures taken by Nürnberg Lacrosse, thank you!

We hope to see you again next year, hopefully at the next Beate Uhse-Cup! Sticks up!

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