6th Mainz Lacrosse Camp 2014

With a perfect summer day, 26° Celsius and light breezes to cool everyone off, the 6th Mainz Lacrosse Camp started early in the morning with a lot of positive energy from every boy and girl on the field. A total of 65 lacrosse players wandered about, warming up for an eventful day.

Of facts and fouls

The initial number of participants was at first a little higher: 80 players had signed up for the camp, but unfortunately some of them played too hard at the adh-Open two weekends before and ended up with injuries that would take them out of this event. The injuries continued with this weekend as well, as Gerri of Kumpelz Lacrosse broke his leg and got a cast that would put him on the bench for the following 6 weeks.

The general impression at the end of game day was that the players had definitely improved since last year, and, not only that, but there were a few new faces present this time as well! This edition also marks the first time that Polish players also attended the camp alongside the usual German and Belgian suspects. To celebrate this, they made sure to also win the goal-scoring competition. Congratulations to the winners, Peter and Michael from Krakow Lacrosse!

As always, Mainz Lacrosse did a perfect job in keeping everyone happy and entertained and we were happy to be a part of the event!

The good, the bad and the pretty

As per usual, here are some pictures from the event that Maike Frieß took, thank you for sharing!

Until next time, sticks up!

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