Paul Rabil and TRX Partner Up

Laxers need to stay in shape any way they can to be able to give their best during a game. Have you ever asked yourself what some of the top players of the world do to stay in shape?

Paul Rabil’s been doing TRX exercise videos for a while now, but it’s only recently that he’s struck a partnership with the people from TRX for all of his training needs. Not sure what TRX is? Read more here.

About TRX

TRX is divided into two types of training. They’re called Suspension Training and Rip Training.

The first consists of using your own body weight to train your muscles and core to their full possible strength, as well as improving your balance and flexibility. First used in the Navy SEALs, the training exercises use special TRX bands that you can tie up virtually anywhere and start training. Take them with you anywhere, anytime.

Where the suspension training used bands and your body weight, rip training implies the use of a level bar with resistance cords. This time, instead of fighting against your own body weight to improve your overall strength and condition, you use the bar to practice specialized moves that make your game perfect. In the end, that’s what every player wants, right?

Here are some wicked moves you can do with the Rip Training programme by TRX:

If all this still seems unclear or you want to see videos about it, head on over to and read more.

How the stars use it

Rabil did his first TRX videos over a year ago, recorded by Warrior, seen it yet?

For more recent stuff on Paul Rabil and TRX, you can follow their instagram account, where they put up fotos and videos regularly, like this one.

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