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It does not make sense that all players are running after the ball and are then located in one place, this is why lacrosse player positions are named after different tasks. Today we want to explain these tasks a little bit, divided into men and women.

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On the pitch there are three attacking players per team. They are using a stick that is called short stick, during the game, which means the shaft is shorter than the ones of the other players. Their main task is to score goals and they are not allowed to leave the opponents side of the pitch. The attackers should have a good technique when it comes to tackling, because their opponents are mostly the defenders of the other team . Another important quality that they need to have is to keep an eye on the whole game in order to know where the different players are and where the ball is.


There are also three midfielders of each team on the field. They have a huge impact on the efficiency of the whole team. Midfielders are the ones who take the most space on the field, because they are actually everywhere. The faster they note a particular situation, the more effective they are. Because they need to switch immediately after losing or getting and either stop the ball or bring him as soon as possible to the opponent`s goal. The midfielders are divided into offensive and defensive players. They are have to run a lot and are always in motion during the match so they often have to be substituted.  The task of the attacking midfielders is to get the ball into the opponent’s zone and establish an attack there. The defensive midfielders are responsible for the opposing midfielders in defense. Often the face-off is played by midfielders.

Fogo (engl.: face off, get off)

Another one of the lacrosse player positions is the fogo. He is a midfielder who is only playing in the face-off. When the face-off is played, the fogo is replaced as soon as possible. He has a strong presence particularly in the American college sports. In the other leagues there is a fogo too, but he will not be substituted after the face off, because the face-off specialists are usually good players too and there is not such a large selection of good substitutes.


An LSM is a midfielder with a long pole.That is why he is called LSM Long Stick Middie. This shaft is mostly used for tactical purposes so you can defend better. In the official lacrosse rules, it is determined that only up to four long polles may simultaneously be on the field. An LSM is never really playing in the offense, here he is replaced by a midfielder with a short stick. Nevertheless, he should have good defensive skills and a good stick control, because he has to run counter or it may also happen that he has to get involved in the attack.


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Just like the midfielders and the attackers, there are three defenders for each team on the field. Defenders are the players who get the least recognition, because they are not involved in shooting directly into the goal, because the goalie and the three defense players must always remain in their half of the pitch. They always have a long stick. The defenders normally use their long sticks to check the opponent in any manner and to prevent them from scoring goals. At best, they can provoke the opponents ball loss. However, the defender may start an attack. Once they has picked up the ball, he can play it directly to a midfielder, or an offensive player.


Each team has one goalie on the field. His mission is to protect his own goal by intercepting the opponent’s shots. The goalkeeper has the ball and the defense constantly kept in mind, because he is responsible for their organization. He should support his team by making announcements from behind. He may have the best vision over the pitch and can therefore warn his teammates. In addition, the goalkeeper should have a loud and strong voice, so that he can coordinate the midfielders correctly. Furthermore, he should have good reflexes. Moreover he has to be able to stop the ball without hurting himself, which can happen quickly because of the more than 160 km/h that the speed of the ball can be. He must see the shots  coming from every  angle.



Three of the 12 lacrosse players on the field are active in the attack.

First Home

The main task of the First-Home player on the pitch is to score goals The player is placed directly in front of the goal and the task is to score,  if this is not possible but she notices another player that has a good chance to shoot, then she can pass the ball and move away from the goal to make room for the team mate that is in a better position to score. The First-Home player should have a good stick- and ball control and should be even fast.

Second Home

One can compare this position of the lacrosse player positions with the position of the point guard in basketball, because this player is coordinating the attack and plays has to play the right passes to move forward quickly and effectively. The task of the Second-Home player is to support the First-Home player. The greatest strength of this player should be that she can shoot hard from any angle.

Third Home

This position has the task to play the ball out of the defense to the attack. The Third Home player should be able to play precise passes and move up to the wings. In addition, she creates for her and her team mates in order to score.


Five of the 12 lacrosse players on the field are active in the midfield.

Attack Wings

The players who play on this position are also known as wingers. They are also referred to as a support function in the attack. Their job is to carry the ball out of the defense to the attack. Therefore they should be fast, have good endurance and when their own defense wins the ball, they should be ready to pass the ball forward.


Her task is to perform the “Draw” (at the start of the game or after a goal will be placed between the sticks of two players), and playing defense and offense. She has to be very fast for a strong game play with and without the ball and she must have a large number of other properties, so that person is mostly the best player in the team.

Defense Wings

lacrosse player position 2

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These players are also referred to as wingers. Their tasks are to cover the attacking wingers and to bring the ball once they have won it, forward into the attacking zone. They should have speed and endurance.


Four of the 12 lacrosse players on the field are active in the defense.


The point player is on the last lacrosse player position in front of the goalie. They usually play more defensively. She works closely with the goalkeeper. These two are in communication and consult what the opponents are doing and how they might prepare an attack. Her tasks are also to cover the opponent’s First-Home player. Therefore she should be able to check with her stick, but also to intercept passes.

Cover Point

Her task is to cover the Second-Home player of the opposing team. She should always be ready for defending the ball once a face-off is won, be able to run fast and show good footwork, because she has to prevent passes and shot of the opposing team.

Third Man

The Third-Man player covers the leftover Third-Home player of the opposing team. She must be able to intercept passes, carry the ball out of the defense into attack and she also has to be fast. In addition it a good footwork would be beneficial. Nonetheless the main features are that she has good reflexes, the ability to “read” the opponent’s attack and that she can catch a ball that is being passed.


Just like in Men’s Lacrosse there is one goalkeeper on the field. Her task is to protect the goal by intercepting the balls. Therefore the player should have a good ball and stick control, such as courage, self-confidence and good reflexes.

I hope we could give you an understanding of the lacrosse player positions and the different tasks that they have during game. What you also should know, is that really any position is essential and needed for the game. No matter which position you play, you are needed. If you are interested in the rules of lacrosse, we will publish a series of the lacrosse rules soon, in which we want to explain the rules for men and women in a nutshell.

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