A dog as a lacrosse referee? – Rufferee at Shootout for Soldiers

A dog as a lacrosse referee? – RufferYes, this really exists! Charley is the dog, who supports the referee in Baltimore. Hard to believe, but true. Someone should open a school to train dogs to act like a referee, then the dog can be a rufferee. What do you think about this idea? In addition, we want to briefly tell you something about the Shootout for Soldiers campaign, which has included this unique video.

GoPro Video – Carley

I’m Sure that you cannot imagine what it really looks like, when a dog is on the field as a referee, that is why we have picked out a video for you.
During the filming of the Baltimore Shootout the referee lent his yellow lab to Charley. Then he followed the action on the field. With the rufferee vest and a GoPro on the back whetted Charley during the late night girls game on the field and gave us some really cool shots.

Shootout Soldiers

The Shootout for Soldiers, so the Youtube Channel which published this video, is a 24 hour lacosse benefiting for wounded American military members. It is not a competition, but it is an event to help the people, who protect the USA.
The expiration of this charity event is that 24 matches take place and each of them takes one hour. There are two teams: Stars and Stripes and registered players will be grouped into either team once they register. The Shootout Soldiers collaborate with four incredible organizations: The Wounded Warrior Project, Army Ranger Lead the Way Fund, Semper Fi Fund and Gary Sinise Foundation.
The events are taking place in Baltimore, Boston, Ohio, Long Island and California. If you want to learn more about it, you will find the official website of the Shootout for Soldiers here.
Charley was a part of the Shootout Soldiers in Baltimore 2014.

We believe that this project is a very good idea and this idea should be spread to the world. Perhaps you have the same opinion, and one day you will be the founder of such an organization. Thanks to the rufferee Charley, who actively supported the whole thing and thanks to all, who are involved in this event. It is great what you are doing.

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