What do you know about lacrosse? – 10 facts about lacrosse

What do you know aboutIn one of our last articles, we told you something about the 10 reasons to play lacrosse. Today we want to continue our 10 facts and 10 reasons series. This article is about 10 facts about lacrosse. You will learn for example about the story of the first women lacrosse game, to play a diversionary tactic against the British, and more. So if you want to learn some cool and interesting facts about lacrosse, this article is perfect for you.

What do you know about larosse? - 10 facts about lacrosse1. The origin mystery

Until this day, nobody can be identified as the inventor or as the founder of lacrosse. Everyone knows that the Native Americans played this sport for the first time, but no one knows who came up with the idea or which tribe began playing this sport. So the inventor is a mystery.

2. Mohawk – Seneca

In 1794 in the game, in which the tribe of the Mohawk played against the tribe of the Seneca, the basic rules of lacrosse were etablished. If you are interested in this game, we have found a short excerpt from the book ‘The Life of Joseph Brant-Thyendanegea’ on the internet. Here you can read a story, about this game.

3. First women lacrosse game

For a long time lacrosse has only been played by the Native Americans, then it spread further, but it was always practiced by men. In the year 1890 the first women lacrosse game took place in Scotland. A nun from the convent school St. Leonards read something about this sport and practiced it as part of the education of her girls.

4. Deflection of British soldiers

10 facts about lacrosse - 4th Deflection of British soldiers

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In the late Middle Ages the game was really only entertaiment, but not in the summer of 1763, when two tribes played against each other in order to distract the British soldiers and to make them concentrate on the game. They wanted to recapture Fort Michilimackinac (upper Michigan) during the inattention of the British soldiers.

5. Giant teams

In the times the Native Americans played lacrosse there were no fixed number of players. In the beginning of lacrosse the entire tribe played, no matter how many members there were. It was common that a lacrosse team had 100 – 1000 participants. Just imagine 2000 lacrosse players fighting for one small lacrosse ball and how huge the fields must have been.

6. Preparation for war

Do you know why the Native Americans started playing lacrosse? It was their way to prepare for war. Due to the different skills which are trained in lacrosse, such as speed, power, assertiveness, reaction, and so on, it prepared them mentally and physically for war.  In addition at that time there was also a lot more violence and aggression in lacrosse. So there was always the possibility of people dying during a game.

7. Little brother of war

Among the Native Americans, the game was not designated as lacrosse, but as Baggataway. Baggataway means something like ‘little brother of war’, which as we learned, was an absolutely fitting term to describe lacrosse in these times. If you watched a game, it looked really like a kind of war, so they went on to one another and as I said, it mainly served the purpose of preparation for war. Its real name was given to this sport by the French Jesuit missionary Jean de Brébeuf, who thought that the stick looked like a crozier, which is called La Crosse in France.

8. Fastest growing sport in America

Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in America. In the last 12 years the number men playing lacrosse increased by almost 110%. Among women the sport is has become more popular in the last 12 years and the number of participants increased by about 100%. This means that the numbers have more than doubled in both men and women lacrosse.

9. Civilized French

10 facts about lacrosse - 9th Civilized French

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In the 1800s the French began to change the game and the rules. It was too brutal in their opinion so they civilized the whole game very much. Then they determined the basics of lacrosse together with the Native Amercians which built the foundation of today’s lacrosse rules.

10. Lacrosse at the Olympic Games

Lacrosse was part of the Olympic Games 5 times. It was played at the Olympics in the year 1904 in St. Louis and 1908 in London. It was played as a competition descipline for men and in 1928 in Amsterdam, 1932 in Los Angeles and 1948 in London it was exercised as an Olympic demonstration competition.

If you want to know more about the history of lacrosse, we have already posted something about it. In addition you will also find our previous articles in the series of facts and reasons. The previous post was about 10 reasons to play lacrosse.

We hope we were able to bring you the 10 facts about lacrosse closer with some funny and interesting informations and that you had a lot of fun while reading.

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