What is special about a men’s lacrosse field?

A men’s lacrosse field is more than just goals, the players and a few lines. The field ist divided in different areas and subject to precise meter specifications. This things can be a little tricky and there are many technical terms on the field. We have summarized the most important facts about the men lacrosse field for you. The article about the women’s lacrosse field will follow soon.

all specials of the men's lacrosse fieldDimensions

The field has a fixed size, it is 100 m (120,30 yards) long and 60 m (65,62 yards) wide. If a field should differ from these dimensions, then this is only legal if the lines are placed according to the rules of the DLaxV. If the field is not 91,4 meters long, the Referee Commission must approve the field. Some soft, flexible cones made of red or orange plastic or rubber must be placed at the following locations: at each of the four corners of the field, at each end of the goal, at the ends of both goal area lines and at the end of the center line, which is located across the bench area.


Each goal has the same structure. It consists of two vertical goal posts, which are connected with a cross bar. The two posts must be 1,83 m long, also 6 feet apart and the cross bar must be also 1,83 m long, also 6 feet above the ground. Both goal posts must be oriented so that they are 12 m (13,12 yards) away from each endline. A line should be drawn between the two goal posts to make the plane of the goal visible. This line is called goal line. The goal must be secured in the ground.

The crease

About each goal is pulled a goal crease. The center of the circle is also the center of the goal line. The circle is drawn with a radius of 2,74 m, also 9 feet. The goal crease area is the circular around each goal and this also includes the goal crease.

The nets

At each goal, a grid must be installed. It must be fixed to the goal posts, to the cross bar and in the soil. The meshes of these net should not be larger than 3,8 cm (1,4 inches). The rear end of the net is attached in the soil, namely 2,10 m (7 feet) behind the center of the goal line.

men's lacrosse field - first half

The goal area

On each half of the field is a line from sideline to sideline and they must be 18 m (19,69 yards) away from the goal line and from the center line at the same time. These lines are the goal area lines or even the restraining lines. The distance between the goal line and the center of the field may vary, but approximately 36 m (39,38 yards). The space between the goal area line and the end line is called the goal area. The goal area line will be extended on the side on which the team areas and the scoring table are  to 9 m (9,84 yards).

The wing areas

They are marked by lines, which are called wing area lines. First, imagine a line connecting the two centers of the goal lines. The wing area lines are drawn with a distance of 18 m (19,69 yards) to this imaginary line and parallel to the side lines. These lines should be so marked by the center line, each 12,5 m (13,67 yards) long. The spaces between these lines and the side lines are called wing areas.

The center of the men’s lacrosse field

The center is marked in a different color than the center line and it looks like an “X” or like a 10 cm x 10 cm or 4 inches x 4 inches large square.

The special substitution area

This area should be marked with two lines and is always on the side of the timekeeper’s table, so the table’s timer. These lines have to be 9 m (9,84 yards) long and have each 6,5 m (7,11 yards) away from the centerline. The area between the special substitution area lines is referred as “gate”. At the rear end of the special substitution area, a line must be drawn between the two special substitution area lines. They must be 4 m (4,37 yards) and parallel to the side lines.

The table’s timer and the team benches

The table’s timer is always located outside of the field, at least 5 m (5,47 yards) away from the side line, but removed at the height of the center line. The team benches, so the benches of the both teams shall be each 10 m (10,94 yards) away from the table’s timer and parallel to the side lines. From this side line it should be 7 m (7,66 yards) away.

men's lacrosse field - second half

The bench areas

The bench areas are located outside of the men lacrosse field between the special substitution area lines and the imaginary extensions of the goal area lines. The front boundary of the bench areas is a line that represented 4 m (4,37 yards) long parallel to the side lines.

The coaches’ areas

The coach area is the area from the side lines, the lines of the bench areas, the special substitution area lines and the extension of the goal area line.


All lines except the center line and the goal line, are 5 cm (5 inches) wide. The center line is 10 cm (4 inches) wide. The goal line is as wide as the goal posts are.

The penalty box

The penalty box shall consist two seats for each team. It is located outside of the field laterally next to the table’s timer. There are sitting all players, who broke the rules.

We hope we were able to explain the men’s lacrosse field to you. The article of the women’s lacrosse field will follow. If you still want to read anything about this topic, then you will find the informations of the men’s lacrosse field by DLaxV, but in German. And on our blog you can also find all rules of the men’s lacrosse.

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