Women’s lacrosse field – What is special about that?

There is more than just two goals, a few lines and some players in a women’s lacrosse field. There is so much to be observed and behind each line is a task. Because the whole thing may be a little confused, we have summarized all the important informations about the women’s lacrosse field for you. If you are also interested in the men’s lacrosse field, you will also find an article about that on our blog.

Women's lacrosse fieldDimensions

The  women’s lacrosse field has a rectangular shape, with a 110 m length and a 60 m width. However, these values may very in certain cases. The minimum lenght is 91,4 m and the minimum width is 55 m. In addition, the field is delimited at the four corners with red or orange plastic cones. In the middle of the field is a three-meter-long line drawn, parallel to the end lines, she is called center line.

The Goals

The goals of the women have the similar structure as that of the men. There are two vertical goal posts. This goal posts are connected by the cross bar. The goal posts must always be 1,83 m apart, which means that the cross bar is 1,83 m long. All posts have a diameter of 5,1 cm and all must be painted in white, silver or orange. The goal is aligned so that it is 12 m from the end line away. Between the goal posts is the goal line to ensure that the plane of the goal is made visible. The door must be secured in the ground.

The nets

The nets of the goals are made of cotton or nylon. The individual holes in the net must not be larger than 4 cm. In addition, the net must be connected to the goal posts. For this purpose, the net must also be fixed in the ground, namely 2,1 m behind the middle of the goal line.

Around the goals

Around the goals by the women's lacrosse field

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In the chart below, you realize that it is equipped with some letters, these letters are now used to explain the points and lines. The point D is the center of the goal line. To point D, a circle is drawn with a radius of 3 m. That is the so called goal crease. A semicircle with a radius of 11 m is drawn to point D, between H and H. In addition, two lines are drawn between each B and C, so between the goal crease and the semicircle. On the 11-m-semi-circle, vertical lines are drawn by 31 cm after every 4 m. These lines are called hash marks and there are 7 on each half of the field. To point D, a further semicircle is drawn with a radius of 15 m. In addition, the goal line will be extended to 15 m on each side.

The two small circles

Two small circles must be drawn behind each goal. They should have a diameter of 15 cm. They need to be 4 meters away from the end line and 11 meters from the center of the goal line.

The goal area

On each half of the field, a line is drawn from one side line to the other side line. These lines are called the restraining lines or the goal area lines. They are 25 m away from each goal line. The space, which now forms on each half of the field, between the restraining lines and the end lines are called goal area.

The center of the women’s lacrosse field

The center forms next to the three-meter-long center line also a circle. The center of this circle is also the center of the center line. The radius of this circle amounts to 9 m.

The scorer’s and timer’s table

The scorer’s and timer’s table is located outside of the field. This area has the shape and size of a 5 m x 5 m large box. The distance between this box and the end line is 4 m.

The substitution area

The substitution area is also located outside of the field. It has a size of 4 m x 5 m. The substitution areas are on the right and on the left side of the scorer’s and timer’s table. On each right and left end of a substitution area, a cone stand there. The players have to go between this cones, when they enter or leave the substitution area. It is called gate.

The team bench area

The team bench area is also located outside of the field. They are on the right or on the left side of the substitution areas. The size of the team bench areas is 18,5 m x 5 m.

We hope that we could help you with our article about the women’s lacrosse field and the whole field is now a little clearer for you and now you know the responsibilities of the individual lines. We look forward to see you soon on our blog.

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