10 reasons why women love lacrosse players

This article addresses all the girls out there. A lacrosse player has many advantages. I am sure that you have not even been aware of really all and therefore we summarized 10 reasons why women love lacrosse players.

10 reasons why women love lacrosse players1. Language

That is quite easy If. someone who does not play lacrosse is listening to two lacrosse players who talk about a game, he or she will not understand a word. It will be the same with the shouts in a game. Why should that be attractive for women? Well, it is like with any foreign language or accent. Women love guys that speak foreign languages or accents. Here are a few words, which I have learned in the recent months: leetuce, bucket, spoon, twig, wand, chirping and greaser.

2. Personality

This is one of the most important reasons of our top 10 reasons why women love lacrosse players. I can assure that lacrosse players have to show the best personality of all athletes. Of course here are also some spoiled eggs, but where are not? Most of the lacrosse players are neither, arrogant nor rude. They are always in a good mood, you can always count on them and they are confident and support you.

3. Violence

If you have never seen a lacrosse game before, you will be scared by the brutality happening on the field. The sport is absolutely fascinating. What happens in the game seems to be rough, but afterwards the players get up and keep playing. This is a small part of the desired bad-boy effect.

4. Style

Style at the 10 reasons why women love lacrosse players

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No other sport can claim to have such a unique style as lacrosse. Or can you tell me what every footballer is wearing? For lacrosse I can gladly do for you: pennies, snapback, pastel and neon shorts, pulled nike socks and wayfarers. As I noticed, many lacrosse players wear an outfit like this.

5. Kindness

In point three of the 10 reasons why women love lacrosse players, it was mentioned, that there is indeed much violence in the game. But no matter how hard the men play, no matter how strong they check other players or anything else, off the field they are quite different. All lacrosse players feel like a big family, regardless of which team. Furthermore just playing lacrosse is not the only reason for tournaments. The returns of most of them are donated to a good cause. A golden rule among lacrosse player is: “Everyone supports everyone, no matter where he or she comes from or how difficult it might be to do so” One reinvestment of this return brought up new lacrosse teams. If that does not work impressive to the girls, then I do not know.

6. Jerseys

There is also no sport that has achieved so unusual, unique and funny shirts as lacrosse. I have been suprised by that fact during my first tournament visit. In my opinion the funniest jersey I have ever seen at a live lacrosse event was Spongebob Squarepants and a unicorn’s print. In my opinion this testifies great creativity an humor. What attracts a woman better than humor and creativity?

7. Body

I mean I probably would not have to mention it. But it is a very convincing point and needs to be said, so that it all benefits all are mentioned. Lacrosse players have a  well-trained body in the normal case. They exercise hard every week, what is necessary of course if you want to play good lacrosse. The benefit: the body gets in shape. If you do not believe me visit a lacrosse tournament in the summer time and you will see.

8. Respect

The respect in 10 reasons why women love lacrosse players

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This is one of the most important reasons of the 10 reasons why women love lacrosse players. Lacrosse players treat their wives or girlfriends always with respect. They are no macho-boys, who want to be cool in front of their friends and they do not try to bully their women.  Lacrosse players treat you with decency and respect, because it every woman deserves it.

9. Positive thinking

There is virtually nothing that can drag a lacrosse player down. They always remain their positive attitude and live every day to the fullest. If you have a bad day you definitely need a lacrosse player to cheer you up.

10. Additional Features

At least there are a few additional small advantages that belong to the basic requirement of every lacrosse player:

They know how to handle balls.

They have a great stick control.

They always seek to score.

They like to play rough.

Endurance, endurance, endurance.

They always wear protection.

They will always give you a good work out.

They play in all conditions.

They keep it going for 60 minutes.

They do it in 12 different positions.

These are meaningful 10 reasons why women love lacrosse players. Now even the last should be convinced to try something new.

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