Impressions of the ISARBOX 2016

On the weekend of the 29th – 31th January 2016 the Isarbox 2016 took place.

Isarbox 2016

source: Isarbox 2016 facebook

During these cold temperatures, the players luckily were at a gym, as it is common in the Box Lacrosse.

It was a weekend of fun and lax, which necessarily belong together anyway. 12 female and 9 male teams have participated. Namely the female teams were the A-Team, Bern Titans, Dresden, Heidelberg, Cologne, Munich 1 & 2, Retronixen, Stuttgart, Vienna Monarchs, Wettingen Wild and Wroclaw. The men team were the BCB, Bundeswehr 1 & 2, Dresden, Holland, Passau, Pilsen, Stuttgart and Vienna Monarchs. After the tournament, the two best players were honored. Among the women it was #39 Wettingen and under the men it was #40 BwLax Alumni Tim Wunderlich.

Captain Lax sponsored two 15€-vouchers for the winners of the tournament.

During the tournament there were a lot of exciting games, rapid fights and breathtaking goals to see.


Here are the first three places of the men and women at the ISARBOX 2016:

The results of the Isarbox 2016

The finals of the women took place between Loveland (LoveLax) and the Retronixen. Loveland dominated the game and therefore won.

The final of the men took place between the LCC Wolves Radotin and the Bundeswehr Lacrosse Alumni. Here the LCC Wolves Radotin emerged as the winner.

Voices about the tournament:

We have asked for a little statement of the organizer and this was his answer:

‘The Isarbox 2016 comes to an end. With it, a weekend full of exciting contactsport and playful skills.
In the final game, the ladies of Loveland (LoveLax) were able to prevail against the Retronixen. In the male section, the Alumni team of the HSM Lacrosse lost narrowly to the Czech competitors in form of the LCC Wolves Radotín.
The Isarbox 2016 may be considered a success, that conveyed not only sporting experience. Furthermore, the Bundeswehr Lacrosse team and the European Lacrosse family grew together.
The HSM Lacrosse thanks all traveled teams, functionaries and the uni-internal support from the sports center and the military sector.
See you next year!’

And here we summarized some social media posts about the tournament for you:

#pielgrzymka #beahero Ein von Agnieszka Kosmala (@kosmalka13) gepostetes Foto am

Cesta do Mnichova #lacrosse #lacrosselife #lax #laxlife #isarbox #beer #germanparty Ein von Vítek Vlček (@vitek.vlcak) gepostetes Foto am



We made some short videos for you during the tournament and cut them together as a short film. We just wanted to summarize the mood and facts of the tournament for you. We hope that we had managed it adequately.


Below, we show you some pictures of the tournament. Almost all the images come from the photographer:


We hope you had a great weekend, just as we had and hope to see you next year again!

Sticks up!


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