What different kinds of the lacrosse shaft do exist? What do you have to take into account?

We all know the obvious function of a lacrosse shaft: It bears the head and gives the player the needed extension to play the game. Most often it becomes a low-involvement product and some people do not care about it within their buying decision, although they really should! A shaft has definitely more functions and professional lacrosse players know that the influence can be crucial. Today we will show you, what you should take into account if you want to buy a (new) lacrosse shaft.

The specials of a lacrosse shaftGeneral Information

Most lacrosse shafts are made of hollow metal and they are not circular shaped as one might expect. Shafts are octagonal, which allows a better grip for the player. Currently new and cool trends come up: Shafts made out of aluminum, titan, scandium, alloys, wood, plastic or fiber glass. Here the open end is glued, taped or covered with end caps that are made of rubber. The head is usually attached with a screw to the shaft, so that it is stable and placed well.
The stick length is defined by the NCAA and includes the head and the end cap as well. The stick length for male attackers must not be longer than 107 cm and must not be shorter than 102 cm. The permitted size for the defenders amounts between 132 and 183 cm. The goalkeeper stick is allowed to be up to 170 cm. Attacking players often prefer the shortest shaft so they can handle the ball closer to themselves and therefore avoid providing defenders with a target. The other way round, the defenders prefer to have the longest size possible as they want to get a greater range for a better covering of the opposite attacker. In 2016 a new rule has been added. This relates to the shaft diameter which must not exceed 3.5 inches.
The female shaft length can be between 90 cm and 110 cm. The diameter of the women shaft is smaller than those of men. The female goalie stick can be between 89.5 cm and 122 cm.

The Shafttypes of the Lacrosse shaftShaft Types

As mentioned above, there are different shaft types available – particularly in terms of materials. Therefore, we will show you a range of different shaft types:

Aluminum Lacrosse Shaft

The aluminum lacrosse shaft has been the most used and popular shaft for a long time, because of its good hardness-weight ratio. Another benefit is the good applicability for any age. However, newer technology appeared: new shafts that are stronger and lighter have been developed. Nevertheless, the aluminum shaft can be played in every position, even as a goalkeeper.

Titan Lacrosse Shaft

The titan lacrosse shaft offers a better ratio of hardness and weight than any other available aluminum shaft. The shaft got famous because of the superior hardness. Therefore it is the right choice for lacrosse players that need a durable shaft, which can withstand the physical forces of the game without having a higher weight. We would like to recommend the Warrior Titan Pro Shaft, as it is the first choice of the Major League Lacrosse professionals.

Composite Lacrosse Shaft

The composite lacrosse shaft offers the advantage that it consists of high-quality carbon fiber. This leads to a higher stability, while it has a very low weight. One big advantage occurs out of this fact: It offers an absolute sense of control over the stick. Another plus point is that the composite lacrosse shaft is usually rubberized and this makes the grip tape superfluous.

Alloy Lacrosse Shaft

These shafts have an unsurpassable grip and a low weight. They are the lightest shafts available and have an extremely high resistance. An alloys lacrosse shaft offers different properties of metals as many manufactures mix them (like variations of C405 and Vanadium) and add a so called built-grip. This mix makes the surface of the sticks unique and creates a special feeling.

Scandium Lacrosse Shaft

As the heading suggests, these shafts are made out of scandium. The special benefit is here the ultimate ratio of weight and hardness. These shafts are suitable for all field positions and also for the goalkeeper, because it offers a great ball feeling and is durable in the long-term.

A wood lacrosse shaftWood Lacrosse Shaft

“Back to the roots” is here the motto. As you all know, the origin of lacrosse are the Native Americans and this guys played lacrosse with a stick made out of wooden. One of its advantages is the longevity and it is stable and strong as well. You can carry stronger checks with it which is especially interesting for the defenders among us. And to be honest, a wood lacrosse shaft has a high coolness factor. Before buying a wood lacrosse shaft it is very important to check the curvature, the grip and the weight. Especially the grip is relatively low and the shafts are heavier than the metal shafts for example.

Hopefully we could tell you some new facts and also help you to find your shaft what suits you most. If you are also interested in deeper head information, you can find our article here. In our shop you will find all of the different shaft types with some more information. If you are interested, drop by – we would be happy to welcome you.

Sticks up boys and girls!

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