Who is Paul Rabil?

Paul Rabil is a professional lacrosse player from the United States. We guess, everyone knows him or at least has heard his name. He is a remarkable player who has started to play lacrosse with 12 years. He is down-to-earth, friendly and open to his fans. Therefore we decided to dedicate him an own blog entry to deliver some more information about his life and all the funny stories, in which he has participated. Enjoy!

Who is Paul Rabil?Facts

Paul Rabil was born on 14th December 1985 in Gaithersburg in Maryland in the United States. As already mentioned, he is a professional lacrosse player. He plays in a midfield position. He is 6 ft 3 in (1,91m) tall and 220 pounds (100 kilograms) heavy.

Paul Rabil was/is a member of the fallowing teams:
• F.teams: Boston Cannons
• MLL Team: New York Lizards
• former NLL team: Washington Stealth and
• NCAA team: Johns Hopkins University

Life of Paul Rabil

The video above gives a good overview how Paul Rabil lives and breathes for his sport. How sport and later on lacrosse has accompanied him is whole life. At the age of 12 Paul began to play lacrosse, although he was not the biggest fan of it. Before he attended the high school he was more interested in basketball, soccer and swimming. Besides he loved music, videogames and the school visits itself. Then he joined the DeMatha Catholic High School, where he started playing lacrosse. His love for lacrosse woke up and joined the High School All-American players in 2003 and 2004. (The All-American players are composed of the best amateur players for one season and here the best players around are casted for a special lacrosse position.) He was also the champion of the WCAC (Washington Catholic Athletic Conference) in 2002, 2003 and 2004. In 2003 he got honored as the “Player of the year” by the Washington Post. Success is no accident and therefor Paul Rabil trained himself every day until late at night. Even as it got dark outside, he asked his father if he can turn on the car lights so he can play wall-ball.
After his high school years he had to ask himself what he will make out of his life and he decided to visit the Johns Hopkins University. Here he was part of the high decorated and storied division 1 program, which includes many great lacrosse players. On his website we found a quote of this time: “I’ve been most fortunate to be on teams of such high caliber. Lacrosse is a team sport, and without great players and team chemistry, we would never win”[1] This quote shows how happy he was with his decision and how he was impressed by his fellow players. He gained several other titles during his university years and he was the leading scorer as a midfielder at Johns Hopkins University. He graduated in political science with an entrepreneurship and management minor with a 3.53 GPA.
His professional career started in 2008 with the Major League Lacrosse (MLL) at the Boston Cannons and in the National Lacrosse League (NLL) at the San Jose Stealth. Since 2009 he is a member of the Team USA Lacrosse. During all these years, since Paul has started with his lacrosse career, he won many more titles and championships with different teams and also as single player. (Find here more information).
However it seems that all his success has not changed his personality. He is still down-to-earth and cares about his fans. We found a video for you that shows what we mean:

Career Overview

“The greatest honor in your sport is to be named a starter on your national team” said Paul Rabil.


Team award

Single award


2000 Elementary School (Christ the King)
2002 Washington Catholic Athletic Conference Champion
2003 Washington Catholic Athletic Conference Champion Member of the High School All-America
Washington Post Player of the year
Member of the Washington Post First Team
2004 Washington Catholic Athletic Conference Champion Member of the High School All-America


2005 National championship USILA Third Team All-American
2006 USILA Third Team All-American
2007 National championship Mc Laughlin Award Recipient
USILA First Team All-American
Tewaaraton Finalist
2008 1st overall pick in the MLL Draft
2nd overall pick in the NLL Draft
MLL All-Star
USILA First Team All-American


2009 MLL MVP
MLL Offensive Player of the year
MLL Fastest Shot Contest
MLL All-Star
Member of MLL First-Team All-Pro
2010 MLL Fastest Shot Contest
MLL All-Star
MLL First-Team All-Pro
2011 MLL MVP
MLL Offensive Player of the year
MLL Bud Light Skills Competition
Called best player in the World
2012 MLL Offensive Player of the year
Broke the league record for the most season-ending awards
Single-season points record (72)
2013 MLL All-Star
MLL First-Team All-Pro
2014 MLL All-Star
MLL First-Team All-Pro
2015 29 goals and 20 assists in one season
Coca-Cola player of the game MVP of the championship


2011   Member of the Washington Stealth NLL Champions Cup team
  Washington Stealth team record for loose balls (snagging 153 in 16 NLL games)
2012   Member of the NLL All Star Games


2010 World Lacrosse Championship All-Tournament Team World Lacrosse Championship Best Midfielder
World Lacrosse Championship Winner United States of America World Lacrosse Championship MVP
2014 World Lacrosse Championship All-Tournament Team World Lacrosse Championship FIL Best Midfielder

Besides, Paul Rabil repeatedly made with quite a lot of nonsense. For example, he once played in a Dude Perfect Youtube video. That you have to see. It is incredibly funny and impress. Properly good is it at the end.

Rabil’s Companies & YouTube-Channel

In 2008 Paul founded Paul Rabil Companies Inc. that supports the lacrosse development. Rabil and his team called “Team 99” started with annual camps and clinics for children. It was created for the age 8 to 16. The focus here is a healthy nutrition combined with lacrosse exercises, to train young people mentally and physically. In 2014 the Paul Rabil Experience has been introduced to offer also online a channel for his mission.In 2010 the Paul Rabil Foundation (PRF) has been founded to support children as well. Here the focus relies more on the reinforcement of the children’s self-confidence, especially for children with learning differences. This are only two out of some more companies. You can find more information about all his companies on his official webpage.

The videos in this blog are from the YouTube Channel of Paul Rabil itself. He gives special insides and shares private moments with you guys and we think it is worth it to drop by and take a look. It includes more information about his success story as well.

We hope you had fun with our blog entry and we would be happy to welcome you next week as well.

Cheers and sticks up!

[1] http://www.paulrabil99.com/about.php

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