Gary Gait – A famous lacrosse player and coach

Gary Gait – A famouse lacrGary Charles Gait is a former professional lacrosse player from Canada. Because of his love for the sport, he could never give it up and is currently the head coach of a women’s lacrosse team. Most people know only a few facts about him and his career, so we have summarized all important things for you in one article.

Gary Gait - lacrosse player and coachThe life of Gary Gait

Gary Gait was born on the 5th of April, 1976 in Victoria, British Columbia in Canada. As already mentioned, he was a professional lacrosse player and played offense and midfield. Now he is the coach of the women’s lacrosse team of the Syracuse University. He currently lives in Fayetteville in New York with his wife Nicole and their children Taylor and Braedon. Both children also play lacrosse. Taylor plays in the team of her father at the Syracuse University. He is 1,88 m tall and weighs 95 kilograms. His  professional career ran from 1991 to 2009 and he can shoot with both arms, right and left. His teams included:

– Syracuse University
– Rochester Knighthawks
– Colorado Mammoth
– Washington Power
– Pittsburgh CrosseFire
– Baltimore Thunder
– Philadelphia Wings
– Detroit Tubros
– Toronto National
– Long Island Lizards
– Baltimore Bayhawks

He began playing lacrosse at college-level in the lacrosse team of the Syracuse University. Then he climbed up to the professional indoor National Lacrosse League and the outdoor Major League Lacrosse and also represented his country Canada at international tournaments. He was also inducted in the United States Lacrosse National Hall of Fame and the National Lacrosse League Hall of Fame. He played a total of 17 years in the NLL and ended his career with 1.091 points, that was a league record.

College career

He played together with his twin brother in the Lacrosse team of the Syracuse University from 1987 to 1990. He won four All-American titles in his college time. He won the NCAA DI Championships with his team three times, was the NCAA player in 1988 and 1990 and Most Outstanding Player of the NCAA Tournament in 1990. At the end of his college career, he scored a total of 192 career goals. The twin brothers were known for their behind-the-back-passes and shots and for the “Air Gait”, a movement in which they would jump from behind the goal crease and land on the opposite side of the crease.

NLL career

During his NLL career he was a part of many different lacrosse teams. Here we have summarized the important events from the respective teams.

Detroit (1991 – 1992)

The Detroit Turbos grapped both Gait brothers. In 1991 he won the MLL championships and the Rookie of the Year Award. He only played one season before moving to the Philadelphia Wings with his brother.

Philadelphia Wings (1993 – 1997)

He played five seasons with the Philadelphia Wings. He won the title of the championship in 1994 and 1995. He was league MVP in 1996, 1997 and the Championship MVP in 1995. The Wings were the team in which Gary Gait played the longest. He was not in any other team longer. In 1995, Gary’s brother moved to Rochester and Gary to Baltimore in 1998.

Baltimore Thunder (1998-1999)

In this team he only played 2 seasons. They went to the championships, which was a new best-of-3 series style. Gary was league MVP again in 1998. In 1999 Gary Gait went with the franchise to the Pittsburgh CrosseFire.

Pittsburgh CrosseFire (2000)

At the Pittsburgh CrosseFire he only played one season. In this season, they lost the playoffs, what happened to him for the first time. After this season the CrosseFire moved to Washington D.C. and became the Washington Power.

Washington Power (2001-2002)

Gary Gait played two seasons and was back together with his brother Paul. After the Washington Power were defeated twice from Toronto in the semi-finals, they moved to Colorado and became players of the Colorado Mammoth.

Gary Gait at the Colorado Mammoths

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Colorado Mammoth (2003-2005)

In this team he played three seasons. He was inducted into the NLL Hall of Fame during these three seasons together with his brother Paul. On the 30th of December, 2005 the Colorado Mammoth raised his number (22) to the rafters. He was the second player in the NLL history, whose number was retired after Buffalo’s Darris Kilgour. After the season 2005 Gary Gait announced his resignation. After his resignation he became a head coach in 2006 and 2007 of the Mammoth, but in August 2007 he stepped down to pursue other interests.

Rochester Knighthawks (2009-2011)

In 2009 Gary Gait came back to the NLL to the Rochester Knighthawks. In 2009 he was called to the All-Star game. Also in 2009, he took part in the playoffs for the last time. In 2011 he announced his NLL retirement to pursue a career as a coach.

Gary Gait had one of the most spectacular NLL careers ever. He has the second most career goals with 635 goals in all games and he has the highest goals per game average in the league history, with 3,207 goals per game. If you want to see all of his success, then have a look at his list of career achievements.

MLL career

Gary Gait has played in the Major League Lacrosse since 2001. He started at the Long Island Lizards. After just one season he came to the Baltimore Bayhawks where he acted as a player coach. For this, he won the Steinfeld Cup in 2005. He also scored 6 goals in the championship game and was MVP of the game and the season. In 2005 he ended his career in the MLL, but came back in the season 2009 with the Hamilton Nationals.

WLA career

Together with his brother Paul Gary Gait played an outstanding seasons with the Victoria Shamrocks of the Western Lacrosse Association. He also won the Mike Kelly Memorial Trophy as most valuable player in the Man Cup 1997 and he shared this award in 1999 with his brother Paul.

Coach career

In June 2005, his coaching career started at his former team, the Colorado Mammoth. He was the first Rookie head coach to win a championship since Tony Resch with the Philadelphia Wings in 1994. In August 2007, he retired as head coach and wanted to return to his old University to be the second head coach. Prior to this position Gary Gait was the assistant coach of the women lacrosse team of the University of Maryland. In 2011 he was announced as an assistant coach for the Hamilton Nationals.Now he is the coach of the women’s lacrosse team of the Syracuse University.

International Lacrosse career

Gary Gait was a member of the Canadian National Team in 1990, 1994, 1998, 2004 and 2006. In his last year, he led the team to a historic 15-10 victory against the United States. The final of the World Championships 2006 was his last international match. A fabulous end of his international career.

We hope you got all the information about Gary Gait, that you were looking for. The man had an impressive career and we wish him good luck in his coaching career.

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