Lacrosse trail session in Würzburg

The lacrosse family is an ever growing community. With the motto GROW THE GAME. The teams often support each other and help to win new players and teams. Two weeks ago, such a campaign started again with a lacrosse trial session in Würzburg. Some lacrosse players showed up and were completely unexperienced, but very interested students of the 10th class. We received a report from Matze Stolte of FTW Lacrosse about this trial.

lacrosse trail session in Würzburg

source: FTW Lacrosse

On Monday, 05-09-2016 and Tuesday, 05-10-2016 seven lacrosse players of the Freien Turnerschaft Würzburg e.V. were on the way to the Deutschhaus-Grammer School to show 100 highly motivated and interested students of the 10th class lacrosse for the first time in the shadow of the fortress Marienberg.

practice - lacrosse trail session in Würzburg

source: FTW Lacrosse

After a short warm-up of the lacrosse trial session in Würzburg with the unusual sports equipment, they playfully learned to handle the ball and the lacrosse sticks according to the instructions of the seven lacrosse players. After that the students were divided into small groups of 8-12 people to learn specific techniques, such as passing, shooting, defending and so on. Finally everyone could test his newly acquired skills in a “1 to 1”-game, in which everyone had a lot of fun shooting their first goals.

We thank the German Lacrosse Association DLaxV and to the Lacrosse Onlineshop Captain Lax from Schweinfurt for generously providing a sufficient number of sticks and lacrosse specific accessories as souvenirs for all participants, so that we could carry out the lacrosse trial session in Würzburg without any problems. In addition, we would like to thank Andreas Weiermann and his colleagues, who have given us the oppertunity to present the sport as a part of the physical education. And a thanks goes also out to the highly motivated students, whose feedback turned out to be more than clear.
You can find more information on the WUELAX-Website or the facebookpage of Würzburg Lacrosse. For any questions please contact:

Warm up - lacrosse trail session in Würzburg

source: FTW Lacrosse

We would be happy about an early reunion on and beside the field – All schedules can be found on our facebookpage or website. Our annual summer tournament, the Beate Uhse Cup in Würzburg will take place in August on the 08-20-2016 and 08-21-2016.

Does that not sound like a big success? It is a great idea to inspire the pupils directly in the lessons and to fascinate them for the greatest sport lacrosse. There will certainly be some talented male and female players in the future. So keep it up!
True to the motto: GROW THE GAME!

Sticks up!

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