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The countries Norway, Sweden and Finland have joined together to form the Scandinavian Lacrosse League. Captain Lax wants to support the growth of the lacrosse family, to inform you what it is about and provide facts about the league. That is why we wrote an article for you about the Scandinavian Lacrosse League.

Scandinavian Lacrosse LeagueFacts about the Scandinavian Lacrosse League

The Scandinavian Lacrosse League established this year. It is a high level field lacrosse league. The idea,  came because in the domestic lacrosse league in Finland had a lack of games and players. The players of the Turku Titans wanted more high qualitiy games before the players move to EC Budapest.
As Mikko Varjo knew that this problem exists not only in Finland, but also in Sweden and Norway, the three countries joined together. Every country was interested in more games on a high level. Mikko put all managers of the 2 top teams of the countries in one facebook-group. Everything was discussed in this group and on the last weekend (07.05 – 08.05.2016) the first tournament was played.
In the Scandinavian Lacrosse League the best teams of the countries Finland, Norway and Sweden are participating. Once there are the Oslo Legends from Norway, the Linköping & Norrköping Lacrosse and Nordia Lacrosse from Sweden and the others are the Turku Titans and the Helsinki Chiefs from Finland. The league started with the first tournament, that was held from 07.05.2016 to 08.05.2016 in Turku in Finland. The partners of the league include Radisson Blu Marina Palace Hotel Turku, City Börs Original by Sokos Hotels and of course us, Captain Lax. If you are already interested or just enthusiastic about the newcomers in the lacrosse family, you will get more information on the Scandinavian Lacrosse League Facebook page and website.

Teams of the Scandinavian Lacrosse League

In the Scandinavian Lacrosse League play the 5 best teams of the scandinavian countries Norway, Finland and Sweden. One team are the Oslo Legends. They finished third place of the Ken Galluccio Cup 2015 in Genth, Belgium. Then there is the Linköping & Norrköping Lacrosse from Sweden. They have women’s and men’s lacrosse teams. Then there is the Nordia Lacrosse from Sweden. They currently have no website, but a Nordia Lacrosse Facebookpage. Also there is the Turku Titans Lacrosse club from Finland. The team was founded in 2005. They have field and box lacrosse teams and games now. Finally, there is a team from Finland, the Helsinki Chiefs. They also have a women’s and men’s team.

Rules of the Scandinavian Lacrosse League

Photograph: Mikko Varjo


All games are played according to the official FIL rules with 4×15 minutes playing time. You can find precise information about the rules of women and men lacrosse on our blog.
In case of a tie there is a 15 minutes sudden death, until a goal has been scored.

The following points decide the team order:
1. the difference in scored/allowed goals in head-to-head-matches
2. lower number of allowed goals
3. toss
4. the number of points (1 point for win)
5. the difference in scored/allowed goals
6. lower number of penalty minutes

The Championship goes to the team with the most points.
The teams need team uniforms of shorts and shirts that are numbered correctly. Two sets of uniforms are preferable.
For unsportsmanlike conduct, it may happen that some players will be excluded from the games.

Drain and previous results

The first season of the Scandinavian Lacrosse League runs according to a specific plan, which looks like this. Three major tournaments will take place. The first tournament was played on the weekend of 07. and 08.05.2016 in Turku in Finland. A total of 7 games was played.
The first game between Linköping & Norrköping Lacrosse and Nordia Lacrosse ended with 6:7, the game between the Turku Titans and Linköping & Norrköping Lacrosse ended with 13:1. The third game of the day between Nordia Lacrosse and the Helsinki Chiefs ended with 4:7, the Turku Titans won against the Oslo Legends with 8:3, the Oslo Legends won against the Helsinki Chiefs with 6:5, they also won against the Turku Titans with the same final score and the last game of the tournament between the Turku Titans and the Helsinki Chiefs ended with 5:2.
The second tournament will take place from 21.05 until the 22.05.2016 in Oslo. There will be a total of 9 games. The last tournament will take place in mid-June (18.06.2016) in Stockholm in Sweden. The last four games will be played there.

We hope we could offer you a deeper insight into the new Scandinavian Lacrosse League.

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