Berlin Open 2016 – What happened this year?

On the weekend from Friday, 17th of June 2016 to Sunday 19th of June 2016 the Berlin Open 2016 took place. This year the organizer added some new things to the traditional event. This year, for example, teams from Hong Kong and Japan were present.

Berlin Open 2016Facts about the Berlin Open 2016

The Berlin Open has tradition and a good reputation. This event attracts a lot people of the lacrosse world every year. We want to briefly recount the facts about the Berlin Open 2016 for you.


Lacrosse reached Germany in 1993. In Munich and Berlin the exchange students Jörn Pelzer and Jörg Rohaus, who returned from the United States founded the first men teams. In 1994 the first women lacrosse team was founded in Berlin. In the same year the annual Berlin Open was carried out for the first time.

Venue & organizational facts

venue of the Berlin Open 2016The Berlin Open 2016 took place at the Stadion Lichterfelde (Ostpreußendamm 3-17, 12207 Berlin).
There were 16 men’s teams and 12 women’s teams, which took part in the three day tournament. The games started daily at 09:00 a.m. and ended at 06:30 p.m.. In the preliminary round the women were divided into two groups with 6 teams in each group. The preliminary round matches took 2x 20 minutes. In the semifinals the matches lasted 2x 30 minutes. The men were divided into 4 groups with 4 teams in each group. These games took 2x 25 minutes. In the quater and in the semifinals the time was 4x 15 minutes. The fields were turf and grass for both, men and women.
The youth consisted of 4 girl and 4 boy teams, but they played only on Saturday and Sunday. The games started at 09:00 a.m. and the last game began at 06:30 p.m.. The Youth was not divided into groups, but separated in girls and boys. The girls played games with 2x
20 minutes and the boys 4x 10 minutes. All the youth games were played on grass.
On Friday, the traditional Players Party took place in the castle Schnale (Burg Schnale), close to the East Side Gallery (Schleusenufer 3, 10997 Berlin). On Saturday, the Berlin Open Lacrosse Party 2016 took place in the Else (Hänsel & Brezel, At the Treptowers 10,12435 Berlin).


The first highlight were the referees from all over the world including the US, Canada and the UK. Moreover the Berlin Open were normally held with adult teams only, but this year was different. For the first time 4 girls and 4 boy teams took part. Additionally there was a total of 4 teams from the Asian region that participated in the Berlin Open 2016 for the first time in Europe.

Teams 2016

As already mentioned, 12 women teams, 16 men teams, 4 girl teams and 4 boy teams took part in the Berlin Open 2016.

Women Teams

There were women teams from around the world, so that exciting games between the top teams were guaranteed. The teams from Germany were the Golden Girls, the BL West, the BL North and the BLAX. From Asia came the team Kansai Lacrosse from Japan and the Hong Kong Lacrosse from Hong Kong. The European teams were the Swiss National team, the Jizni Mesto from the Czech Republic, the KSI Cherokees from Norway and the Dutch national team. Even two teams from the USA participated in the Berlin Open 2016, the Global Players and the High Point Panthers.

Men Teams of the Berlin Open 2016Men Teams

The men teams were also a mixture of different countries. For example, the German Oaks, the Knie 50, the BL West, the U19 German National Team, the BL North, the BL South and the BLAX from Germany. From Asia there were also the two teams from Japan and Hong Kong. From Europe took part the Swiss National Team, the Jizni Mesto from the Czech Republic, the Éire Lacrosse from Ireland, the teams Latvia from Latvia and the Poland National Team. There were also two men teams from the USA, Aist Lacrosse and the Golbal Players.

Youth Teams

In the girl group played two Czech teams namely the No Angels and the LCC Raditon and two German teams, Frankfurt and BLAX. The boys group consisted of one Polish team, namely Kosynierzy Wroclaw and three German teams, the Berliner HC, Bremen and BLAX.


Each category, women, men, women U 16 and men U 16 played according to their own plan. Here you will find the requirements of these plans:

Schedule Women

All games were played in 2 halfs of 20 minutes each with 5 minutes halftime. They were played with a running clock, expect in the last minute of each game, there was the stop clock. In the final 2 halfs of 25 minutes were played according the FIL Rules.
In the preliminary round the teams were divided into 2 teams. The respective first and second of each group moved on to the semifinals. The third to the 6th place fought directly.
Exact information about the schedule, the division of the groups and the expiry of the women games can be found on the Women Schedule page of the Berlin Open 2016.

Schedule Women U 16

All games were played in 2 halfs 20 minutes each, also the final, with 5 minutes halftime in each game. The entire time was played with a running clock, except for the last minute of each game, which was played with the stop clock. The final was played according to the DLAXV U16 Rules.
In the first round all four teams played against each other. The first two teams fought for the win then, while number 3 and 4 fought for the 3rd place.
If you are still looking for more information, concerning the results of the girl tournament, you can find it in the Schedule Women U16

Schedule Men

Schedule Men of the Berlin Open 2016In the robin round each game was played in 2 halfs of 25 minutes, 5 minutes half time and with a running clock. But the last minute of each game was played with the stop clock. These rules were being maintained for the following matches, only the time changed. They played 4x 15 minutes with 10 minutes halftime. In the final they played according to the FIL Rules and 4x 20 minutes.
In the preliminary round all teams played in 4 groups with 4 teams in each group. The 1st and 2nd place then moved on to the quaterfinals to enter the final. The 3rd and 4th teams competed for the places 8 to 16.
For further information just look at the Schedule Men side of the Berlin Open 2016.

Schedule Men U16

The boy teams played with 5 minutes half time and 4×10 minutes per game. Just like in any other category, the complete time was played with the running clock, except for the last minute of each game, which was played with the stop clock. In the final, the time has been retained, but here they played according to the DLAXV U 16 Rules.
In the preliminary round it was all identical to the girls teams. Everyone played against each other and Team 1 and 2 fought for the win and Team 3 and 4 for the 3rd place.
For some additional information you can look at the Schedule Men U16 side of the Berlin Open 2016 website.


After 3 or 2 hard match days with exciting and nerve-racking games the winners of each category were found.
The High Point Panthers from the United States won the women group, the Dutch National Team finished 2nd place and 3rd was the Kansai Lacrosse team from Japan.
In the women U16 group the LCC Raditon from the Czech Republic finished 1st, the 2nd place was Team Frankfurt and place 3 the No Angels from the Czech Republic.
In the men group Team Latvia finished 1st place, in 2nd place the Aist Lacrosse from the United States and in 3rd place the Swiss National Team.
In the men U16 group the podium consisted only of German teams. Place 1 took the BHC, the 2nd place the team from Bremen and the 3rd place the BLAX.

Feedback of Nico (organizer of the Berlin Open 2016)

We are very proud that we had 4 Asian teams here this year. 2 from Hong Kong and 2 from Japan. This cannot be seen in Europe anywhere else at a tournament and we are honored that these teams came exclusively for the Berlin Open 2016.
The weather this year was with a completely rainy Friday not that nice of course, but last year there were about 3 days with 35 degrees, which was too hot. The Saturday and Sunday had a perfect Lacrosse weather with temperatures around 20 degrees.
We organized a youth tournament for girls and boy this year for the first time. The kids were very happy to be involved in such a big tournament. Normally the young players play for themselves and do not come in contact with the adult players. In my opinion we built the bridge between adult and youth players we wanted to make very well.

All in all, from our point of view a very successful tournament and we are already looking forward to welcoming the lacrosse world next year in Berlin.

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