Wood Lacrosse Stick – What is special about that?

The Wood Lacrosse Stick is in some ways a novelty in lacrosse today, but if you think about it, it has always been there actually. It only got lost over the years. The Native Americans started playing lacrosse with wooden lacrosse sticks, which they had carved by themselves. The manufactures of lacrosse sticks made of wood produce them completely according to the motto “Back to the roots”.

Wood Lacrosse StickGeneral information about a lacrosse shaft

Lacrosse Shafts can consist of different materials such as aluminum, titanium, scandium, alloys, plastic, fiberglass or wood. A lacrosse shaft is octagonal and has one open end which is covered with an end cap made of rubber. Normally, the head is secured on the shaft with a screw, for better stability.
The length of a complete stick is regulated by the NCAA rules. The stick length for male attackers must not be longer than 107 cm and must not be shorter than 102 cm. The sticks of the defense can have a length between 132 cm and 183 cm. The stick of the goalie can be up to 170 cm. In attack, shorter sticks are mostly preferred to better dodge the opponent’s defense. In contrast, the defenders try to have the stick as long as possible, to cover the opposing attacker better. In 2016 a new rule was added, which says, that the diameter of a shaft must not exceed 3,5 inches.
The women sticks must be between 90 cm and 110 cm long. Also, the diameter of the women shafts is usually smaller than the one of the men. The length of the goalie stick is 89,5 cm to 122 cm.

Manufacture of Wood Lacrosse Sticks

Manufacture of Wood Lacrosse ShaftsAs an example for the preparation of a wood lacrosse stick we take the production path of the brand Ripwood.
The Ripwood Lacrosse Shafts are made of ash wood from Pennsylvania. The difference with ash wood from other regions is the excellent stability of the wood from Pennsylvania. With its high quality, it is one of the precious hardwoods and is used because of its elasticity and strength, among other things for the production of tool handles and of course for Lacrosse Shafts.
The wood has the strength of titanium and scandium, it is superior to the two materials in the flexibility. It is flexible, but cannot be bent. In addition, the natural vibration damping of the wood is an incomparable advantage.
The Ripwood Lacrosse Shafts are manufactured individually by hand, see for yourself:

For all who are concerned, due to deforestation for producing Wood Lacrosse Shafts: Ripwood planted more trees than they use for the production of Wood Lacrosse Shafts.

Disadvantages of Wood Lacrosse Sticks

Just like any other stick, a wood lacrosse stick also has some disadvantages. Everyone has to decide if he wants to take this into account according to their own preferences and needs.


Wood Lacrosse Sticks may warp when they get wet due to the material. But to  reduce this risk, the Ripwood Lacrosse Shafts are for example coated.


Compared with Shafts made of other materials, such as  conventional carbon shafts, you have less grip.


Wood lacrosse sticks are dunamentally heavier than lacrosse shafts made of other materials. Are you strong enough to play with one?

Advantages of Wood Lacrosse Sticks

Advantages of the Wood Lacrosse ShaftWood lacrosse sticks not only have drawbacks, but also compelling and profound benefits, which will certainly impress you.


As mentioned in the preparation, ash wood is one of the most stable and strongest of woods, so these shafts are very durable. For each lacrosse player the durability of a shaft is an important factor in the purchase.

Stronger checks:

Especially the defenders should be impressed by this advantage. With the massive wood lacrosse shaft you can check harder.


Lacrosse players who use a wooden lacrosse stick leave an impression that lasts. They set a statement. I can only repeat myself: “Back to the roots.”

We hope you have a better overview of the new trend of wood lacrosse sticks and now you can consider if a wood lacrosse stick is something for you. It is definitely worth considering.

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Sticks up!

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