Cherry LAX – Lacrosse for a good cause

Cherry LAX is a lacrosse event for a good cause, it is a lacrosse tournament with a charity match. The tournament takes place in Karlsruhe on Sunday, the 31st of July 2016. The donations of this event in which some Natio players participate, goes to the children of the St.Antonius home in Karlsruhe, because the children would like to have a bird’s nest swing.

Cherry LAX - Lacrosse for a good causeFacts

This tournament has a deeper meaning than just to practice the best sport in the world. In addition to the dissemination of Lacrosse, is this tournament also for the children of the St. Antonius home and then of course, the question arises: How did the organizers come up with the idea? And how will it run?

Idea of the tournament

The organizers wanted to start an event that has not only one goal, but they want to connect three goals with one event. At first they want to get involved socially and help other people and they want to make the sport Lacrosse known in Karlsruhe and the surrounding area. The last goal is that they want to present an event, besides the athletic performances by the league operation and the play offs, to the German Lacrosse Community.

Data about the tournament

Data about Cherry LAXThe Cherry LAX Event starts in the IT Stadium (Engler-Bunte-Ring 15,76131 Karlsruhe) on 31st of July 2016. At 12:00 a.m. the Framework Program will begin. The game is going to start at 02:00 p.m.. At around 06:00 p.m. the event will fade out slowly but surely.
The tournament is being created to appeal mainly families with children, but also students, because lacrosse is mainly an University sport. In addition to this two groups of lacrosser players from other cities are welcome too. Actually everyone is welcome.


Get ready for a Sunday full of experiences. Among the games high-profile teams come up with players with a lot of experience and even some Natio players have promised to come to Karlsruhe.
In addition many things to participate in or to amaze you are also there. For example, a Fastest Shot Contest will take place in which it is determined who has the fastest shot of the participants. Then you also have the possibility to try on Lacrosse equipment, which could be particularly interesting for the Lacrosse newcomers. There will also be a caricaturist, a bouncy castle for the little ones and a halftime dance show.
Who now thinks that is it, is wrong. Commentators will comment the game, so that anyone can understand what is happining on the field. In addition, a raffle will be held with truly spectacular gains, among them are prizes of our Captain LAX online shop.

Follow-up Reporting

Follows after the tournament.

It is a great idea to connect our sport Lacrosse to a charitable cause. We are pleased that we can support the event and look forward to it. Hopefully you will find just as much enthusiasm as we for Cherry LAX. You can find more information on their facebook side.

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