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Crooked Arrows is a film which is mostly about our sport lacrosse, so we want to introduce this movie here in a article of our series about good lacrosse movies we recommend. So if you are sitting on the sofa and do not exactly know what you should watch, then “Crooked Arrows” is right for you. In our last article of this series wie presented a lacrosse movie with love story, named ” A Warrior’s Heart”.

Crooked ArrowsFacts

“Crooked Arrows” is an American sports drama movie of the year 2012. The director of the film is Steve Rash, while Brad Rifell and Todd Baird wrote the screenplay and Adam Leff and J. Todd Harris produced the movie. The music is composed by Brian Ralston and distributed was the film from 20th Century Fox Home Entertaiment. In addition, in “Crooked Arrows” play some reputable actors, for example, Brandon Routh, Chelsea Ricketts, Gil Birmingham and Crystal Allen. The film was first played in the United States on the 18th of May 2012 and lasts 105 minutes.

Content of “Crooked Arrows”

Joe Logan is a half Native American. So a mixed-blood Native American. They laid the roots of the today’s lacrosse. He wants to modernize his reservation’s casino, by extending it over the land of his ancestors. To get the permission, he has to prove himself to his father, the traditional Tribal Chairman. His father will only approve Joe’s request if he completes the challenge, his father asks him to do. He should train the reservation’s struggling high school lacrosse team , that must compete against the better equipped and better trained crew of the Prep School League soon. Joe accepted the challenge only reluctantly, he will require a leadership which he had as a professional lacrosse player a few years ago. His players lost the trust in him and he could not get trough to them, but then Joe found the solution deep into the roots of the sport, with the Native Americans. He won the respect of his team back, presented to them their pride restored and returned the game of lacrosse to their people.

If you even look for a bit more accurate summary of the content, then watch the trailer of the film:


In the film, many actors are seen, but four of them play a really important role in the film “Crooked Arrows” and these four, we want to introduce to you now.

Brandon Routh

Brandon James Routh is an American Actor and former fashion model. He was born on 9th of October 1979 in Iowa. His twisted films include Superman Returns, Unthinkable, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Ted.

Chelsea Ricketts

Chelsea Ricketts is an American movie and television actress. She was born on 29th of October 1989 in Houston, Texas. Her iflm and television credits include among others Missionary Man, Chasing Shakespeare, 10 Things I Hate About You and True Blood.

Gil Birmingham

Gil Birmingham is an American actor of Comanche. He was born on the 13rd of July 1953 in San Antonio, Texas. His previous film recordings include Night at the Museum, The Twilight Saga, The Lone Ranger and House of Cards.

Crystal Allen

Crystal Allen is an American film and television actress. She was born on 13th of August 1981 in San Francisco in Carlifornia. Her previous work in film and television include Wolves of Wall Street, Star Trek: Of Gods and Men and Grey’s Anatomy.

We hope we could tell you so much about the film “Crooked Arrows” that you are curious now.

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