Beate Uhse Cup 2016 – What happened this year?

During the weekend of the 20th of August 2016 the annual Beate Uhse Cup was held. This year Matze Stolte and his team organized this tournament in the Main metropolis Würzburg for the 5th time. Apart from the lacrosse tournament there was a Fastest Shot Contest, a player party and also sustenance was provided around the clock. Hopefully you had a great weekend!

Beate Uhse Cup 2016


During the weekend of the 20th of August 2016 was the Beate Uhse Cup 2016, which was held for the 5th time this year, on the sports field of the Freie Turner Würzburg in the Mergentheimer street. Over the years, the tournament blossomed into one of the biggest smallfield tournaments.
With the tournament Beate Uhse Cup 2016, the current season was concluded.
And in the following year, all lacrosse players and lacrosse lovers can look forward to a 6th edition of the tournament.
You can find a small video report of TV Touring.


Teams of the Beate Uhse Cup 2016At this Beate Uhse Cup 2016 was a total of 22 teams, which does not mean that no more teams want to participate. For logistical reasons, the tournament had to be canceled for 20 teams.

Men teams

At the Beate Uhse Cup 2016 the following 12 men teams took part:
1. OWL Allstars
2. Munich
3. Freiburg
4. Karlsruhe
5. BÄM!bel
6. Erlangen
7. Snowflake
8. Unicorns
9. Musketeers
10. Super Mario Bros
11. Stuttgart
12. Kumpelz

Women Teams

These 10 women teams participated in the Beate Uhse Cup 2016:
1. Munich
2. Snowflakes
3. BÄM!bel
4. Unicorns
5. Mainz
6. Karlsruhe
7. Erlangen
8. Blaxforrest
9. Heart Breaker
10. Princess Peach


After the preliminary round games of the Beate Uhse Cup 2016 followed the final matches of the women and also of the men.
Through the preliminary round of the men and the first classification matches the OWL Allstars, Karlsruhe, Munich and Freiburg moved on to the semi-finals. In the game for the third place Karlsruhe  played against Freiburg , which ended with 6:7 for Freiburg. The OWL Allstars and Munich met in the finals. This game ended with a 5:3 for the OWL Allstars.
Through the preliminary round of the women and also through the first classification matches up to the semi-finals fought Munich, BÄM!bel, Snowflakes and Unicorns. In the third place match the BAM!bel played the Unicorns and the game ended with a 8:4 for the BÄM!bels. In the final, Munich and the Snowflakes fought for the win and the game ended 8:7 for Munich.

Report of Würzburg Lacrosse

During the weekend of the 20th of August 2016 the annual lacrosse tournament at the arena of the FTW place were held for the fifth time – Beate Uhse Cup 2016. About 250 players and followers of the sport from all over Germany there were playing for the golden supporter Cup for the men and the golden Head for the women. The men team OWL Allstars from the Ruhrpott managed to win for the second time as the first team in the history. The women team from Munich was unbeaten at the end and won the women part of the tournament. The Würzburg teams finished with the 7th and 8th place in the men’s and the 2nd and 4th place in the women’s a good result for the tournament in which the focus was on the integration of new players. The second Würzburg Women Team played together as a syndicate with Freiburg.
The smallfield tournament in Würzburg, which was organized under the direction of the Coach Matthias Stolte and his team this year, is known throughout Germany. Even teams from the deepest Lower Bavaria or the Ruhrpott came. A total of 12 men and 10 women teams fought for the main prizes: the winner trophy and vouchers for the assortment of the erotic shop Beate Uhse in Würzburg. Thus, the Beate Uhse Cup one of the largest smallfield tournaments in the growing trend sport Lacrosse throughout Germany.
Most teams have already arrived on Friday in the Main metropolis and struck their tents next to the fields close to the Main. On Saturday the fields were extensively fitting by the teams – a total of 60 matches were played on the smallfields. The Würzburger have lined up with two men and this year with two women teams. There was also a framework program throughout the day, for example, the “Fastest Shot Contest”, in which the exact shot rate has been determined by a radar gun. The pyhsical well was also provided. In the evening the Players Party took place, where you could forget sporting failures made on the field with a good performance at Beer Pong. The party was very well received and in the morning the last party animals left the hall.
Especially on Sunday the sun fought high in the sky repeatedly trough the cluds in the sky of Würzburg and contributed the high spirits with (despite possible lack of sleep and hangover). In the last matches the final rankings were played out until 04:00 p.m. and the best teams of the tournament were found. For the coming year the sixth edition is already scheduled.

See you next year!

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