What do I have to consider with a lacrosse mesh?

Almost every one of you should know what a lacrosse mesh is. It is an important component in the head, which builds the pocket together with other small products. We would like to answer some questions about a lacrosse mesh , especially to give the beginners a little overview.

lacrosse mesh

How important is a mesh?

As already mentioned, a mesh is an important part of a head and also very important for the formation of the pocket. With the huge selection of heads, many players despair when choosing the right one. On our site you will also find an explanation on what you need to know about a lacrosse head. But let’s say, the greatest lacrosse players can play great with almost any lacrosse head. The secret is the pocket.

When do I use a soft mesh and when do I use a hard mesh?

The answer to this question depends entirely on your personal preferences. But we will explain what is a hard and what is a soft mesh. A soft mesh is leveled up much faster than your hard mesh. The soft mesh also has advantages when catching and cradling, which gives you a feeling of better control. On the other hand, the hard mesh has a better durability. In addition to that the hard mesh makes passes and shots a lot faster. Because the ball is being released easier out of the hard mesh, a soft mesh is recommended for a beginner. However, they also expand fast on hard passes of advanced players.

Lacrosse mesh vs. traditional?

Traditional or Lacrosse mesh?The lacrosse mesh has the following advantages in comparison with the traditional pocket: the most stick stringer can string and repair a mesh pocket faster than a traditional one. For example, a hard mesh offers a number  of advantages, including a traditional pocket (for example a constant pocket). However, the advantages are not associated with the disadvantages of a traditional pocket, for example the care, because a hard mesh is not so sensitive to the weather. Despite these advantages of a mesh, some players swear by their traditional pockets, because the stringing possibilities are almost unlimited.

How many diamonds do I need in my pocket?

First the question: What are diamonds? When you pull a mesh apart you can see holes, that have the shape of a diamond. Because of this, the lacrosse mesh holes are called diamonds. A pocket with fewer diamonds in the mesh can be applied more quickly, but more diamonds also mean more support. But just like with the most other lacrosse equipment, it is the right thing if you achieve self-confidence and success.

What is whip?

This term has been used for many years by many lacrosse players. There are also different definitions to this term. Our definition is: The way the lacrosse ball feels as it leaves your pocket over the shooting strings, when you take a shot or make a pass. You can feel that the ball leaves the pocket. It is important that the ball does not touch the plastic tip while leaving the head, but should not fly directly out of the pocket so the player can not feel the ball leave the head. So if you say that a stick has too much whip, you want to express that the ball sticks too much to the shooting strings and the shots and passes get too deep. If a stick has a too little whip, that means the exact opposite and that the shooting strings have too little influence on the ball and the shots and passes get too high. In order to find the optimal whip for you, you have to “screw” on the shooting strings.

What are Shooting Strings?What are the shooting strings?

The most popular shooting strings are hockey-shoe-laces. The synthetic fibers are most suitable for this because they absorb water. Shooting strings are the key to a proper ball release and can be adjusted to get that individual feeling for the lacrosse ball called whip.

What are “V-strings”?

The V-strings are made of shooting strings (hockey-shoe-laces) because they lie particularly flat. The V determines where the lacrosse ball lies in the pocket (it is higher in the range of the shooting strings or deep in the pocket). It is important that the lacrosse ball is not hindered by the V. You should try a V-Pocket, some players like it and some do not.

We hope we could give you some new information about a lacrosse mesh. If you have any question about lacrosse equipment, you can also check out the lacrosse shafts article on our blog. However, you can also contact our customer service at any time, who is available for all questions.

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