10 things only girls who play lacrosse understand

In every sport are notions, exclamations or behaviors which are not present in other sports and which are simply integrated into daily life. This is also the case with lacrosse. Since there are differences between men and women lacrosse, there are also differences in these terms, exclamations and behaviors. We want to give you a little insight into the women today and so we will tell you about 10 things only girls who play lacrosse understand.

10 things only girls who play lacrosse understand

1. Shout “Ball Down” if someone drops something

Frequently at lacrosse, if a ball drops on the floor the players shout “Ball Down” to call attention to the ground ball. This behavior quickly became second nature and so it can happen sometimes that “ball down” is being shouted when something falls to the ground.

2. Find the best way to put your goggles on

One of the 10 things only girls who play lacrosse understand are the goggles and their wearing style. The protective goggles are not an obligatory equipment in the EU, but are worn by almost all women during the game and partly during the training. The goggles are tightly attached to the head with a strap, each woman needs some attempts first until the goggle fits comfortably. The strap under the hair or over the hair, the strap behind or in front of the ears and so on. Yes guys, these are important questions that need to be clarified before the game.

Team Dinner - 10 things only girls who play lacrosse understand3. Team dinner

Are there better friends than the lacrosse team-mates? Not really! Every lacrosse girl is aware of the fact that many of the activities take place in team. So it is in many teams tradition to perform a great team dinner at the evening before a game. Either the team cooks together or everyone brings something delicious with him.

4. Attach the hair straps to the stick

Every girl hates it when the hair hangs in her face during sports, so most girls use a thin hair band next to an ordinary braid. But who always thinks of such trifles as a hair band? This is why most of the braids and hair bands are attached to the lacrosse stick, so they are always there and will not be forgotten in any game or training. A little tip of the 10 things only girls who play lacrosse understand.

5. Permanent bright goggle stripes

Everyone of you knows the well-known bikini print. When you have been in the sun for too long with a bikini and these parts of the body are then lighter than all others. Lacrosse girls know this not only with bikinis but also with goggles. Through the grating and the adjoining edges, some parts are also unaffected by the sun. So the complete summer you walk around with goggles stripes in the face. And so this is just one of the sufferings of lacrosse girls.

6. Explain guys why women lacrosse is hard

It is just like football. The men are always praised to the skies and the women, although they are usually much more successful than the men, are completely in the background just because everyone thinks they play after simpler rules. But one thing you should remember, just because the rules are different, they are not more harmless! Yes, women can also play a tough sport and be successful in it!

10 things only girls who play lacrosse understand - mouthguard7. Mouthguards fall into the grass and the 5-Seconmd rule is applied

For the ladies, the mouthguard is a must. As the name implies, it is supposed to protect the mouth and, above all, the teeth. A lacrosse ball reaches incredible speed and hurts extremely when it hits someone. The mouthguard cannot be attached, however, and it can sometimes happen that it lands in the grass. Then the 5-second rule comes up. For all who do not know it: it basically means that everythingthat lies on the floor for a maximum of 5 seconds can still be eaten or put into the mouth, because the bacteria supposedly had no time to settle on the mouth guard.

8. Know that there is a team celebration after every great victory

Similar to the team dinner, it is common for the team family to celebrate a victory. The bigger the victory, the bigger the celebration. A tradition of the 10 things only girls who play lacrosse understand.

9. Everywhere bruises

Lacrosse is definitely not a sport for sissis. Not even with the girls. Body contact comes often not too short. This is how every girl knows that you go out on the field without a blue spot but thanks to the defense you will come back with numerous.

10. Knowing that lacrosse is not just a sport, but a way of life

The last point is probably not only ony for women but also the men who play lacrosse. Lacrosse is a team sport with a team full of people who have the same views and hobbies. Each team is like a family and every team is part of the big lacrosse family. This only works because for each player, lacrosse is not just a sport or a hobby, but a way of living and expressing yourself. Lacrosse describes the life of many people.

We hope you agree with most of the 10 things only girls who play lacrosse understand and have had a bit of laughing while reading these points.

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