LaBox 2016 – What will happen after the long break?

LaBox is an indoor lacrosse tournament in Göttingen and will be held this weekend on the 10th and 11th of December 2016. The old lacrosse hares should know LaBox, because this tournament already exists, but the last tournament has been held some years ago. This year, however, LaBox 2016 will restart the tournament and you will find out here what you can expect.

LaBox 2016

Venue & organizational facts

The indoor lacrosse tournament (box lacrosse) will take place on 10th and 11th of December 2016 in Göttingen, in the halls of the Felix-Klein-Gymnasium (Böttingerstraße 17, 37073 Göttingen). On Friday, so tomorrow will be the big arrival day at LaBox. Saturday and Sunday continues with exciting games.
You also ask yourself why the break of the tournament has actually arisen. Although the players could not block the halls of the university sport for a whole weekend as an external, they were forced to find an alternative hall close to the city, which offers sleeping possibilities, partying possibilities and of course playing possibilities. But until finally someone took on the task, three years passed. The last LaBox tournament was organized by 90% of people who are no longer in Göttingen, so you will also notice differences in LaBox 2016.

Teams of LaBox 2016

Altogether, the LaBox 2016 has 24 teams. 12 of them women and also 12 men teams from all over Germany, Poland and Scotland.

Women teams

We are waiting for the Retronixen, the Blax Forest, the Brunswick Women, the Officer Snickers, the Leipzig Lacrosse, the Dortmund Wolverines, the Aachen Eagles, the Shar Kira / Kölnige, the Sparkling Unicorns, the Blax, the Göttingen Alumni and the Göttingen Lacrosse.

Men Teams of LaBox 2016

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Men teams

The Aachen Eagles, the Prachtsternschnecken, the K-Town Lumberjacks, the Marburg Saints, the Dortmund Wolverines, the Grom Warszawa, the Tübinen, the BLAX, the Leipzig Lacrosse, the Scotland Grizzlies, the GLACHS (Alumni) and Göttingen Lacrosse approaching us.


As mentioned above, the tournament starts Friday evening. Players are allowed to arrive from 06:00 pm and take their belongings to Hall 2, because they will sleep there. In addition, the captain must register his team, including the umpire / referee. From 09:00 pm onwards there will be a little get to know and reunion.
Saturday early at seven o’clock the showers etc. will be opened. From 08:00 am can further check-ins be made and there will be breakfast. From 09:00 am onwards the games will start with the premilinary rounds. At 12o’clock there will be a barbeque. Then at 05:00 pm, the quater finals continue until the final game ends at 08:30 pm. The Players Party starts at 10:00 pm. There is free admission until 12:00 pm, from there you pay a contribution of 5€. From 11:00 pm there will be no more barbecue, but a lot of beer.
Sunday starts the day the same way as Saturday. From 09:00 am the group stage of the Lower Bracket will start and from 09:30 am at the same time the Semi Finals of the Upper Bracket. From 11:00 am onwards there is also a barbecue on this day. At 02:30 pm the placement games begin. At 04:00 pm the victory is over.


In general, the rules of the DLaxVV are played according to the field lacrosse. However some adjustments were made because of the narrower space in the hall. You will find these small changes on the rule site of the LaBox 2016 divided into women and men rules.


Of course, this year’s organizers also prepared some small surprises for you. As cups wait for you lacrosse nutcracker to match the Christmas season. In order to strengthen the christmas feeling even more, mulled wine will also be served.

Announcements from the organizer

We wanted to revive the tournament, but not in old style with 6 women and 6 men teams, but with a much bigger lacrosse festival. We have decided that we want to compete against each other 12 teams per gender and therefore searched for 2 halls. The whole thing started in February 2016. After we have found the halls of the Felix-Klein-Gymnasium (also halls where the BG Göttingen trained and the 2nd national league of women basketball plays) it could go on.
We wanted to call not only a big tournament (back), but an international one. 3 out of 4 orgamit members were at the Berlin Open this year for the first time and strongly inspired. Of course, this cannot be surpassed in internationality, level and tradition, but the LaBox was at that time at least known for a good party and as a good representation of a great lacrosse community.
We have taken this up and paired it with our demands for organization, supply of the guests and internationality. As it looks, the loose spirit of the LaBox has not been lost 3 years ago, but it is possible that we can already be among the professionally best organized indoor tournaments in Germany. It is really only to be seen, as the whole goes (in vivo) over the stage.

We hope we could trigger your curiosity for LaBox 2016 and you are just as excited as we are.

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