Lacrosse Pregame Routine – Ohio Machine Player Peter Baum

Lacrosse players are serious about their sport, so they also have to give 100% during the game. That is why you need the right Lacrosse Pregame Routine. Everyone should set up their own routine. But here we have an example of a Lacrosse Pregame Routine of the american star player Peter Baum from the Ohio Machine.

Lacrosse Pregame Routine

Pregame Playlist

Music is incredibly important in life. Music can change our mood in seconds, it can get us down, show compassion, make us happy, give us power and much more. It is important that you create a song selection that pushes you. You should be fit with the best mood and a lot of power in the game.
Peter Baum has also created his own Pregame Playlist. The first seven songs of this playlist are: Just Like Fire by P!nk, Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson, Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson, Sing For The Moment by Eminem , Adam’s Song by blink-182, Teenage Dream by Katy Perry and Dani California by The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Pregame Food & Drink

Lacrosse Pregame Routine - Food & DrinkIt is important what you eat before the game. All nutrients have different functions, protein for example has a muscle building effect and carbohydrates supply energy and strength. It is important that you find a heralthy composition suitable for your body. Also consider when you eat these foods, that proteins and vitamins and close to the game carbohydrates are important.
Peter Baum also has his Pregame Foods & Drinks before each game. A few hours before the game, he eats a salad with chicken or another protein carrier. At a time colser to the game he eats a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Right before the game, he drinks coconut water because it is very good for the hydration and it just gives him the necessary kick (in addition to all the coffee he drinks throughout the day). In the halftime, he reaches for a PowerBar and a banana.

Lacrosse pregame routine superstition

A little superstition does not hurt. Many players have a certain ritual that they perform before the game and always have a lucky charm at play or at least during the game. It strengthens the trust in the success. Do you have a lucky charm?
Peter Baum re-tapes his stick before every game in the locker room. It is quite accurate and if it does not fit 100% it is taken off and started again.

Pregame warm up

It is different for each player in which things he has to play only briefly, because he dominates them already in the sleep and which things he should play more detailed. Everyone should also get involved independently, so that some will not overload and others will be interrupted.
Peter Baum goes on the field to get a little sweat and make a few light shots up 20 minutes before the Machine team warm up. It is important for him to make a lot of shots up before the game. About 10 minutes before the national anthem in the stadium, Kyle Harrison, Tom Schreiber and Peter Baum have a triangle catch to get any last jitters out.

The lacrosse pregame routine by Peter Baum is not intended for you, but should encourage you to create your own lacrosse Pregame Routine to play the next game in the best possible way. I hope we have given you the incentive.

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