Keepers of the Game – a great lacrosse documentation

Keepers of the Game is a great documentary from the year 2016 about an all-native girls lacrosse team that wants to be the first Native women’s team to bring the section championship victory home. Women’s Power – Let’s go! We now want to tell you in this article why it is worth watching exactly this lacrosse documentary.

Keepers of the Game


Keepers of the Game was filmed in the US and appeared last year on 19th April 2016 for the first time at the Tribeca Film Festival. The film is available in color and lasts 82 minutes. The production companies were Flatbush Pictures and Tribeca Digital Studios, sales partners were Tribeca Digital Studios and Film Emporium was also involved. The film was produced by different producers, the two most important being Michelle T. Carney and Rebecca Convington. The music was written by Khari Mateen. In the film, all actors portrayed themselves. Among the main characters are Tsiotenhariio Herne, Jacelyn Lazore, Mimi Lazore, Macella Thomas, Katsitsionni Fox, Louise Herne, Elisha King, Terri Swamp and Karonienhawi Thomas.

Content of “Keepers of the Game”

Content - Keepers of the GameLacrosse was originally a sacred game in the Akwesasne Mohawk territory, traditionally only for men. But in the reserve at Salmon River High in Fort Covington, NY, an all-Native girls lacrosse team is formed and they want to be the first Native women’s team to win the section championships. But before they can achieve this goal, they have to play some games, among other things, they must win against their crosstown rivals, the Massena High. As the season draws to a close, there is a growing division in the team, and the girls must prove that the lacrosse game is also their legitimate legacy. Not only with the goal to win the championship in the head, but also with the will to make a new path for the next generation of Native women, the girls go into the games and continue to honor the tradition of their people in a constantly changing world.

User Reviews

Some have already seen this film and some of them have already commented on the web. We now want to present you a review of the 30th of October 2016.
“I just witnessed what may be the best sports documentary I’ve ever seen in “Keepers of the Game.” I think this does indeed top “Hoop Dreams.” This movie has 25 votes on IMDb so no one has seen this movie, but I hope it starts getting the attention it deserves. This movie takes place in upstate New York on a Mohawk Native American Reservation. Teenage female members of the tribe want to play lacrosse, a sport created by their ancestors, but meet immediate resistance by public funding at their school, chastisements from their fellow students and worst of all, outright denial by their tribe (since they are women). This movie captures all of that conflict with adept understanding. There are moments littered throughout the first 20 minutes where I genuinely cried as I felt as squeezed and walked over as these girls. It does an absolutely marvelous job of putting the viewer in their head-space. And as a sports movie, this picture somehow finds the appropriate tone, whether by editing style, music, or where to put the camera, for every individual lacrosse match. On the fly, they seem to figure out the story-line of the game and cinematically capture that. Unbelievably adept filmmaking. I could not recommend this movie highly enough. It’s on Netflix Instant right now. Go view this.”

We hope we could provide you with an interesting insight into the documentary “Keepers of the Game.” You should definitely watch it if you are excited about lacrosse!

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