Nutrition tips for lacrosse players – Do I need something like that?

Nutrition plays an important role in every sport and so it is important to know a few nutrition tips for lacrosse players. Is it useful to eat a lot after sport? Can I eat sweets? What do I need to keep in mind? These and other questions are discussed in the following sections.

Nutrition Tips for Lacrosse PlayersGive the body enough fluids

A suggestion for the nutrition tips for lacrosse players is to drink regulary and not only when they are thirsty, in the best case before. As soon as one is thirsty, there is already a clear liquid shortage. First, the ability to concentrate is impaired, and the coordination and muscular strength are also quickly impaired as the blood thickens. Therefore before the sport, no matter whether training or match, the fluid balance should be filled with juice mixed with wather or water and while doing sports you also have to drink. Usually every twenty minutes.

The vitamin and mineral gaps must be filled

When you physically exert yourself, the need for some vitamins is increased automatically. Therefore, a varied and complete diet should always be taken into consideration. The rule “Take five a day”, which means 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily is important. These contain not only vital vitamins, but also valuable secondary phytonutrients that support the action of the vitamins. Mineral, trace elements, potassium, magnesium and calcium are needed to a greater extent as soon as you are doing sports several times a week.

The protein must be absorbed to the correct extent

Nutrition tips for lacrosse players - the proteinAnother suggestion for the nutrition tips for lacrosse players is because the muscles are made of protein, it is important that we take it properly, becuase the muscles are what is most required in sports. The protein requirement is about 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. In order to be properly equipped for the lacrosse training, however, it is no longer necessary to eat more, but more variedly. Protein consists, for example, of 20 different building blocks, the aminoacids, of which the body cannot produce eight. Since no food contains precisely these eight amino acids, one must eat versatile. The protein requirement should be covered not only with meat, but also with legumes, milk and cereal products.

Healthy carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are important because the muscles need them as fuel. Muscles only work with glycogen (chained glucose molecules). Glucose and sweets are therefore not recommended as these can lead to sugar shock, whereupon the body pours out the hormone-insulin-producing hormone. Then the blood glucose level can drop even more than before.
Rice, noodles, potatos and bread should account for about half of the energy requirements. If you eat before the lacrosse training, it should be about three hours before the sport carbohydrate, but low fat meal.
Right before the sport, however, nothing should be eaten, then heartburn and the muscle cannot be properly prefused. A banana is suitable for intermediate use.

Not fat food after the sport

After sports, the body needs to regenerate. Those who are rewarded with a fat meal and a beer after the sport will wake up with aching muscles the next day. However, what is important after lacrosse is replace 80% of the lost water. The optimal meal after the sport contains plenty of carbohydrates, some protein and little fat. Two hours after the sport, the glycogen is immediately incorporated into the muscles. For example, the perfect meal would be: oven potatoes with curd, vegetable rind or a sweet meal. If swets, then after the sport, because they are better integrated into the organism.

The 10 rules of the DGE as nutrition tips for lacrosse players

Nutrition tips for lacrosse players - The 10 rules of the DGE1. Enjoy food diversity
2. Abundant grain products as well as potatoes
3. Vegetables and fruit – “Take five a day”
4. Milk and milk products daily, fish ones or twice a week, meat, sausages and eggy in moderation
5. Low fat and fat foods
6. Sugar and salt in moderation
7. Abundant liquid
8. Gently prepare
9. Take time and enjoy
10. Watch the weight and keep moving

These guidlines or principles are not only suitable for athletes. The full-fledged diet is well-suited for all types.

It is important that you consider these nutrition tips for lacrosse players. I hope we could make things easier and more comprehensible to you, why you should pay attention to what we could hopefully give you an understanding of. Have fun trying some recipes and implementing the diet.

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