What do you know about STX Lacrosse?

STX Lacrosse is certainly a houshold name to every lacrosse player, because which lacrosse player does not know one of the largest product manufacturers of his sport. In this article we would like to tell you which technologies STX Lacrosse has invented, that are indispensable today and what progresses we have to thank the manufacturer for. STX products can also be found in the Captain LAX online shop.

Lacrosse Brand STXGeneral information

First, many people wonder what STX means anyway? STX is the abbreviation for the american word stick. So it is a direct indication that the company specializes in racquet sports. STX stands for the name of a sporting goods manufacturer with the legal form LLC and with main focus on the development of lacrosse equipment, such as lacrosse sticks and protective equipment, such as gloves, pads or eye protection. In addition to lacrosse articles, STX also produces hockey and golf equipment. STX is also exclusive supplier of the Mens Lacrosse National Team of the USA.


History - STX LacrosseSTX Lacrosse was founded in 1970 by Richard B-C Tucker as STX Inc. in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, where they are still headquartered. Because of the fact that they are now almost 50 years old they have already achieved a lot, and brought a lot of achievements to lacrosse. We will look at the technologies and
inventions in more detail.  STX is a subsidiary of Wm. T. Burnett & Co., which is why we also take a little look at their company history.
In 1898 Wm. T. Burnett was founded in Baltimore as a trade company for cotton wool. They quickly established themselves in the furniture and linen industry and earned a good reputation for their quality and handling high-end India cotton.
In the 1950s, they entered the flexible polyurethane foam manufacturing business. Baltimore then became the site of the first continuous casting machine for flexible polyurethane foam in the world. A plant was also opened in Statesville, North Carolina, and the synthetic fiber was introduced there in the 1960s.
In the 1970s continuous filament fiber was introduced.
In the 1980s, the company invented and patented the process for compacted polyester fiber filling with weights and thicknesses that could be used in mattress cores, garden furniture and raw material foam substitutes. In addition, new technologies such as bonding lines, high-speed cross-lappers with needle punch capabilities, finishing looms, and ovens for high-loft bonding have been implemented in plant operations.
In the 2000s, the company became one of the first manufacturers to successfully create a high-performance modified rayon barrier.

Inventions and technologies of STX Lacrosse

As mentioned above, the sport lacrosse has made many advances, inventions and technologies thanks to STX. You will be amazed which inventions and technologies we are talking about.


STX Lacrosse has contributed to the sport lacrosse with many inventions, for example, the first synthetic lacrosse head was developed by them between the years 1966 and 1970. In 1973, they made the first aluminium shaft for men and women, and they developed the first interweaving mesh in 1974. In 1979, the first STXBall, the first ball for Soflacrosse came on the market and in 1985 the “Excalibur“, the first head with an open side. In 1998, the “Arc“, the first head with an open side in women lacrosse and in 1999 with the “Eclipse“, the first goalkeeper head with an open side. In 2006 STX developed the Crankshaft, the first “Offset”-shaft. In addition, there are still 3 further inventions but the date of invention is unknown. This is the first shaft made of composite material, the first goalie glove with reinforced thumb and the first arm protector from one piece.


We also owe STX lacrosse technologies and not just a few. These are divided into men’s and women’s lacrosse.

STX Lacrosse - Men Lacrosse TechnologiesMen’s Lacrosse

STX has introduced 10 top technologies to the market, including the SpeedScoop, which provides a reduced drag for a faster groundball game, or the GeoFlex – the next generation of flexible and lightweight performance. Then there is the ACP, so the head retains its shape regardless of the temperature and the C-Channel, which provides extra power for the check and the ground balls. Furthermore, there is also the HD2Polymer, which has half the weight of other upholstery and does not soak up sweat or rain and the throat plug, which brings her hand closer to the ball for a lighter cradling. The last four technologies are the GRIP, a better grip, for the face-off specialists, the OCS to reinforce the spide panels for better durability and strength, the Shaft Lock, that reduces annoying head rattle and you focus on the game and lastly, the Climate Control, which has been designed so that the gloves will warm you in winter and cool in the summer.

Women’s lacrosse

For women, STX has introduced 7 top technologies to the market, including the 10 Degree technology, precision-machined 10° heads and lightweight 10° handles to create perfectly balanced sticks. Then there is the Launch Pocket featured in elite-level heads for ultimate performance and the Runway Pocket for a better ball feel and more control. The STX Lacrosse technology also includes the String Lock, that prevents bagging and keeps your pocket in place and the Precision Flex. It is a targeted flex for extra snap. The last two technologies are also found in men’s lacrosse, the C-Channel for extra strength at checkings, groundballs and draws, and the GRIP for better positioning and stability for detailed stick work and movements.

We hope we could give you a clearer insight into what STX Lacrosse is doing and what we have to thank them for.

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