8 things you only understand when you play men lacrosse

In every sport there are special features that only the players know or can understand. This is also the case in lacrossse. We would like to present the things which are special about men lacrosse in our article: 8 things you only understand when you play men lacrosse. Perhaps some of you can identify themselves with the statements and I know each of you will find something to laugh.

8 things you only understand when you play men lacrosse1. Pinnies are acceptable at all times

Whether you are going to eat, to the cinema, to the date or if you are actually on the way to the next lacrosse game – you can always wear your pin! Pinnies are always stylish and it is also about the affiliation to the team!

2. Sleeping with a lacrosse stick is completely normal

The love for the sport is something you simply have to live and it is the most normal thing in the world to take your lacrosse stick to bed and cuddle with it or not? After all, an intimate relationship between the player and the stick must prevail, if they want to be an absolute dreamteam on the field.

3. Mid-claves and athletic shorts are a form of currency

Lacrosse players are mostly students. I reveal now the world’s greatest mystery: students are chronically broke! Since they have to help themselves somehow differently every lacrosse player needs a few mid-claves and athletic shorts. So instead of money mid-claves and athletic shorts are also accepted as payment among lacrosse players.

8 things you only understand when you play men lacrosse - 4. The endless need to string and re-string4. The endless need to string and re-string

New unstrung head – string, new mesh – re-string and string. And so it goes on and on. The complete lacrosse career. But as a passionate lacrosse player, are you not willing to accept this?

5. Greasers are not a street gang of the 80s

Yes, but there was certainly a street gang in the 80s called Greasers, but this is certainly not the lacrosse Greasers. Greasers are very specific lacrosse balls, the balls, which are unwashed, greasy or slippery. Yes, we’re talking about the men, but women would not like to touch that ball, so how do you play with it?

6. You know the Gaits

Every lacrosse players knows the American lacrosse legends Paul and Gary Gait. These two players are brothers, which could be called lax royalty. And secretly every lacrosse player feels the desire to want to be a Gait too. You could just try it, maybe they adopt you? You will never know, if you don’t try it.

7. Whip or no whip?

Whip or no whip … hmm – this is the question. Would you rather shoot straight on the goal or play the ball with a slight arc to lure the opponent on the wrong track, so he thinks the ball would fly in a completely different direction. What is better suited to you, you should decide for yourself and do not let yourself be talked into this elementary question.

8. You know worm burner and rusty gate are not diseases

No really, there are no diseases. Really how do you get this idea? Rusty gate says it all. It is a lacrosse gate, which rusts and a worm burner is an underhand shot that slays low sometimes skidding against the ground. Is that so hard?


And did you find something to laugh about? In any case, I am sure that every lacrosse player can identify with our “8 things you only understand when you play men lacrosse”.


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