Passau Open 2017 – Next Weekend!

This year we do not want to miss the Passau Open 2017, which take place annually. Next weekend on the 5th and 6th of August, they will again be held in Passau. Just have a look. Great games, delicious food and a legendary party are waiting for you!

Venue & organizational facts

As the name of the Passau  Open 2017 says, this summer lacrosse tournament takes place in Passau on 5th and 6th August. It can be found exactly on the sports grounds of the Veste, for those who want to have a look. For all teams and participants from far away, but of course also for the players in the area who do not want to miss the alcoholic beverages at the Players Party, there are different sleeping possibilities at the local campsite to camp, private accommodation or the local youth hostel or hotels. Catering is also provided during the entire tournament. There are some specials waiting for you and there will be grilled at the field.
At the Passau Open 2017 there will be a trophy for the first three places. Who would not like to have a beautiful trophy in his club?

Teams of Passau Open 2017

This year there will be 6 men teams and 4 women teams an the Passau Open.
The men teams are the Passau Schürzenjäger, the Bundeswehr, a pick-up team, Munich, Bayreuth Bears and Konstanz Nuremberg. A very Bavarian combination. We are anxious which of the teams bring the trophy home.
The ladies are the Passau Herzensbrecher, Vienna, Bayreuth and Stuttgart. Here it will be a bit more international, not only Stuttgart from Baden Württemberg but also Vienna from Austria are here.

Passau Open 2017 - FlowsheetFlowsheet

There will be a lot going on Friday night, with a first set-up for a successful and fun weekend with a small welcome.
Saturday morning the seriousness of the situation begins. The games start at 9:00 a.m. and run until the afternoon, but of course a lunch break is certainly also planned, because for the physical well-being the entire tournament is taken care of. Even after the game operation, the dinner is then taken together.
Sunday starts the fun again with the final round games and a surely highly exciting final around 16:00 o’clock.


Yes correctly heard, highlights. There are some specials waiting for you, as with some tournaments. As already mentioned on Friday night a small get together is set in the beer garden of the Hacklberg brewery, but that is far from everything.
On Saturday evening, a legendary Players Party will be held in the VIOs with a drink special.
A few highlights are waiting for you. On Saturday there will be a breakfast and also a barbecue on Saturday and Sunday, as we mentioned already, but that is not everything. Sunday morning a delicious white sausage breakfast awaits you according to traditional Bavarian manners.

Well convinced? Then just have a look at this year’s Passau Open 2017 and have a great, unforgettable weekend together with the lacrosse players.

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