What happened at the Beate Uhse Cup 2017?

This year the Beate Uhse Cup 2017 took place again. The lacrosse tournament took place from 19th of August to the 20th and as always on the fields of the FTW in the Mergentheimer Street. Those of you who were not part of the Beate Uhse Cup 2017 will now be the best to watch.

Player - Beate Uhse Cup 2017Venue & organizational facts

As already mentioned, the tournament took place on the fields of the “Freie Turner” Würzburg from the 19th of August to the 20th. The games were played on two fields. In addition to the players, the Beate Uhse Cup was visited by 100 more people to watch the spectacle. Of course there was also sustenance provided in the form of grilled food and beer.


In the Beate Uhse Cup 2017 women and men teams participated, as every year, who fought for the victory.
This year, there were 12 men teams: Shit’s on fire yo, Unicorns, MarBroRo, Puma Freiburg, Frankfurter Bämbel, OWL-Allstars, Exize, Mainz Aggros, Horny Lax Bros, Kumpelz, Karlsruhe Storm and Rhein-Neckar.
In the women there were unfortunately not quite so many teams, but still 10, the Pfister Sisters, the Kumpelinen, the Mainz Aggros, Karlsruhe Storm, Heartbreaker, Regensburg, Constance Seagulls, Unicorn, PickUp and Wue-Bay.


The teams arrived on Friday evening on the FTW terrain. Then a cozy gathering followed.
Saturday morning the day started after breakfast at 08:30 o’clock with a Captains meeting. The games started on both fields at 09:00 o’clock. On the first day, all preliminary games were played and the quarterfinals were played. The last quarterfinal match started at 18:00 o’clock.
On Sunday it went off again early at 09:00 o’clock. The semifinals and the games for the lower places took place throughout the day. The women final started at the field 1 at 15:30 o’clock and immediately afterwards the men final at 16:00 o’clock.
You can get a more detailed look at the sequence of the here:

Beate Uhse Cup 2017 - Flow Sheet


There were also some highlights at the Beate Uhse Cup 2017 and there was among other things a raffle. The proceeds of this raffle go to a German lacrosse project, namely youth projects “Münster” with 400€. Of course there was again a fastest shot contest. In the men, Hedi Flips won with 144km/h and received a Beate Uhse coupon. In the women Lubi reached 86km/h and secured the second Beate Uhse voucher. Saturday evening, another legendary Players Party started this year with a motto: “Beachparty”.


First of all, the big question: What could be gained at all. Placements 1-3 received lacrosse balls and a Beate Uhse coupon. Place 1 go then still one cup each and the men got a golden supporters and the women a golden lacrosse head.
But now to the winners. The men final took place between Shit’s on fire yo and the Würzburg’s Unicorns. The game ended with an 8:3 for Shit’s on fire yo. The first place was Shit’s on fire yo, 2nd place the Unicorns and 3rd place MarBroRo.
In the women’s final the Pfister Sisters and the Kumpelinen fought for the victory. The game ended with a 5:3 for the Pfister Sisters. Thus the Pfister Sisters are place 1, the Kumpelinen place 2 and the Mainz Aggros place 3.

Words of the organizers

Beate Uhse Cup 2017 - Words of the organizerLast weekend, the lacrosse section of the freestyle gymnastics Würzburg was already organizing the Beate Uhse tournament for the sixth time. Twelve men and ten women teams from all over Germany fought for fame and honor. In total, almost 300 active players from Lübeck to Freiburg met for the start of the popular meeting of the lacrosse community.
In this edition, Würzburg Lacrosse was supported by three sponsors: Beate Uhse, the polish sportswear manufacturer Exize and the lacrosse shop Captain LAX.
The match for the tournament, which took place on the grounds of the FTW on the Mergentheimer Street, began on Friday evening with the best mood despite the unstable weather. On Saturday morning at 09:00 o’clock started the play enterprise.
This year the Würzburg women were two teams: a team supported by seven players from Bayreuth and a team consisting exclusively of Würzburg players. For these two teams, the main focus was on the integration of new and inexperienced players, who were supposed to gain practice experience for the upcoming league season. This task was also fulfilled on both days. In the end one had to be beaten by more experienced teams and very playful single players and found themselves in the tableau in the places nine and ten. The atmosphere in both teams, was great and the players got to know each other better. For the women division this is a successful start to the preparations for the first half of the 2017/2018 season. The controversial head of the club in gold was fortunately secured by the former players from Würzburg: the Pfister Sisters. The Würzburg men also had two teams. Here, thanks to a lot of efforts, an excellent second place could be won by several victories even against favored opponents, before one had to be defeated only in the final against the game community Munich/Stuttgart, which thereby secured the popular golden supporters.
The second Würzburg men team took a good seventh place. Not only players, but also family members and curious passers-by spent more time on the pitch than planned to watch the fast, physically and technically demanding sport. We are already planning the seventh Beate Uhse Cup next year and look forward to the coming season.


With the following pictures, we will give you a small impression of what happend at the Beate Uhse Cup.

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