What is the Berlin:mixed co-ed tournament 2017?

The Berlin:mixed is the largest bike polo tournament in Europe and takes place annually in Berlin. This year it took place from the 28th to the 30th of July. And since such a huge tournament does not pass us, we want to tell you something about it. Certainly the one or other lacrosse player will have fun to take a look next year.

Venue & organizational facts

As already mentioned, the tournament took place in Berlin on the Tempelhofer field on the last weekend the 28th to the 30th of July. As already mentioned, the Berlin:mixed Bike Polo tournament is the biggest of its kind in Europe, so it is not surprising that around 50000 visitors were present on the weekend.

Well, curious?



berlin:mixed 2017 - Teams

source: Lisa Singer

Also the teams should convince you that the tournament was an absolute hit because 48 teams took part and not only from Germany, but also from Belgium, France, Poland, Sitzerland, Austria, Australia, Latvia, Finland, Croatia, the Czech Republic, England and the USA. Yes, there were really teams that have been on the plane for over 10 hours to participate in this bike polo tournament in Berlin!

There was no division in men and women teams at the bike polo tournament, because the teams are always mixed. Here you can find some funny names of the teams:

Nice Try, Droste Hörst Du Mich, Büppel, Slow Down Your Horses, Sunday Muscles, Breakfast Club, Big Bang, Bratwurst and many more. If you like the names of the teams, you can find them and more on the appropriate podiumbikepolo site.


The games started punctually at 9:00 a.m. and did not end like the usual lacrosse tournaments giving 16 or 17 o’clock, but around 20:30 o’clock. A hard-hitting program, for hard-hitting players. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning, the players were still in the group stage, but from Sunday onwards the seriousness of the situation with the bracket started among the best 32 teams. Polo Tomasi, who later moved to the finals, came six times in nine games as preliminary rounds fifth into the TOP 32, after two clear successes the German-Belgian trio had to tremble in the quarterfinals at the 5:4 against the Breakfast Club. The final game took place at 20:00 o’clock and it was really exciting.

Results of the berlin:mixed 2017

berlin:mixed 2017 - Results

source: Celly Cellement

Before we tell you who won, let us tell you what the teams could win at all:

Gloves from none other than us, Captain LAX and of course other items, such as clothes, bike polo racket, lock, lamps and so on from different brands. In addition, two Schindelhauer frames were raffled.

Now to the winner and the finals.

There were the same teams in the final in the previous year, namely the German-Belgian Trio Polo Tomasi and Je suis Polo. After a nerve-racking final, Polo Tomasi won 5:2 once again the Berlin:mixed and that only a few days before the European Championship in Perpignan, which takes place this weekend. Third was the Latvian team Bratwurst.

Congratulations to everyone!


Words of the organizers

On three tournament days, we made the asphalt of the runway glow and presented bike polo to a high level of spectators at the Tempelhofer field. A total 330 games were played during the tournament.

We are very satisfied with the progress of the tournament. We were on schedule with all the games. In addition to experienced supporters, the weather was also great. There were storms during the week in Berlin before the tournament but then the sun came out and it was over 30 degrees, which was almost too hot for the games. There were, fortunately, no major injuries besides minor abrasions and bruises.

After a really exciting final between “Polo Tomasi” and “Je suis Polo” with players from Poland, Belgium and Germany and the victory on Sunday, we ended the tournament on the Tempelhofer field with good music and a cool beer. Jack, a player from England, describes the whole event as follows: “My first Berlin Mixed! Great spot, great polo, great polo people, great music, great weather, super souvenir! Thank you very much Berlin Bike Polo!”

There is also very positive feedback from the viewers, Katrin writes, for example: “I had no idea how exciting Bike Polo is … dude they can ride!”

We are very much looking forward to the tournament again on the Tempelhofer field next year. We are a dedicated team that organizes this tournament in their spare time with  passion for the bike polo and for the joy of sport and the community. Without the many helpers, supporters and sponsors, we would not be able to get up the biggest Bike Polo tournament in Europe. We would like to thank our sponsors Captain-LAX, IRIEDAILY, bike dudes, schindelhauer bikes, Fahrrad Runge, Perro del Mallet, Lucky Basterds, Max Power Cycles, Bike Citizens, Malababoushka, Goldsprint Berlin, knog, Kölln, Rapunzel, Minor Treat, Getränke Taxi Berlin, Fast-Part Prototyping and, of course, the RV Berlin 1888 e.V.



In addition to some pictures you will find as a gallery below, a report by RBB was filmed and broadcasted on TV, if you want, you can get it on the rbb-online site.

Doesn’t this tournament sound exciting and really like a great weekend? We are looking forward to the next berlin:mixed.

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