10 things I learned through lacrosse

Of course, there are more than 10 things I learned through lacrosse, because, as every lacrosse player knows, it’s not just a sport, it’s a way of life. Here, however, to list all the things that can be learned through lacrosse would be too much. You will learn the gameplay, rules, teams, tournaments and much more. So here you can find the top 10 things I learned through lacrosse.

10 things I learned through lacrosse1. We are a team!

In a team it is not just about you, you don’t want to win for yourself, not you have the best position, but we win as a team and every position, every player contributes to the success. Lacrosse is a team sport and no player can win the game alone.

2. Do not stand still

Of course maybe you are not the best player or the best player right from the start. You may not be on the field from the beginning, or will be taken out before the end. But do not be content with it, do not be content with moderate. Practice, train, and develop with the goal to be the player, who makes the difference in the games.

10 things I learned through lacrosse - stay left3. Stay left

In heavy heat or when facing strong opponents, it quickly happens that you are out of breath and perhaps you consider the situation as hopeless for you. It is important that you stand for a short time, once breathe deeply and again fully start into the game. Do not let yourself be frightened, stressed or despaired, because you will only regret it later.

4. Respect the team colleagues

One of the most important thing of the 10 things I learned through lacrosse is to respect the team colleagues. Respectless behavior is already fundamentally wrong. In a team it also blocks the team spirit and the possibility to become a team at all. Nobody plays well in a negative environment or under stress. That is why it is important to respect and show this each other. Each player is important to the team. We are all here to have fun, so there is simply no time and no place for disrespect or other dramas.

5. Learn from lost games

No team can always win. You have to be able to handle losses, even if it is not always easy. Many coaches have certainly said this, but it is important to learn from the losses, draw new motivation from lost games. In addition, you can always learn from the mistakes, the new knowledge can be used to positively change future game events. It is most important to leave the field with your head up or you will regret it later.

10 things I learned through lacrosse - training, training, training

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6. Training, training, training

Yes, there are players who simply have a great talent, without having to practice a lot. However, you should not only rely on your talent, but also continue to train to develop your talent. A good quote here: “hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard.” (Tim Notke).

7. Respect for authority

There are really some people who have problems with authority, which is sometimes absolutely understandable. Even persons with authority are not always right. It is different from coach to coach how they deal with this authority. It is only important that you know as a player everything the coach says counts. The same also applies to referees. If you don’t show them the respect they deserve, you can not be respected by them.

8. Trust the strategies

Each coach comes up with his own strategy and believes in the most varied ways to bring the team to success. But most of them also have a lot of experience from their own years as a player or as a coach. It is always important to try to see the things from their side and try to understand their ways and strategies. Something new does not automatically mean something bad. Through the trust in new game strategies you learn new sides and possibilities of lacrosse.

9. Learn through observation

One of the most important thing of the 10 things I learned through lacrosse ist learn through observation. You should always be strong and confident and you should trust in your own abilities. You should also always keep an eye on the team colleagues, what you can learn from them or how you can help them with something. Learn from your own successes or failures or from those that happen in your environment.

10. Have FUN!

Sport in general is not there to win, but to have fun, also in lacrosse. Have fun with the game. Celebrate every success with your team, laugh with them, and be happy about any opportunity to stand on the field with them.

I hope you could rediscover some things in the 10 things I learned through lacrosse, which you learned in your lacrosse game. Perhaps you have also found impulses, what you want to learn from the lacrosse game.

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