The differences between field lacrosse and box lacrosse

A truly unique point of the differences between field lacrosse and box lacrosse is that one is played as the word says on a field and the other indoor. But there are many more, not so obvious differences between the two types of lacrosse. If you are interested or you are considering which of the two types suits you better then here is the perfect article for you.

The differences between field & box lacrosse1. Popularity of the lacrosse types

For example, field lacrosse is very popular in the US, whereas in Canada box lacrosse is often played inside and roofed on, for example in converted ice hockey rinks. Thus, it shows that box lacrosse is common in areas where, for example, due to bad weather conditions no field lacrosse is possible.

2. Size of the field

But there are other differences between field lacrosse and box lacrosse. With the box variant a player has definitely more contact to opponents, besides it shares many similarities with ice hockey, like field size or game time. Thus, it has a smaller playing field than field lacrosse, which is played on football field size.

differences between field lacrosse and box lacrosse - goals and teams3. Goals and teams

The goals in field lacrosse are much bigger compared to the box lacrosse goals. In addition, box teams have fewer team members. Thus, the first differences to box lacrosse become clear: limited space, smaller goals and fewer people. This situation changes the game speed enormously.

4. Goalies

The goalkeeper in box lacrosse is better protected than in the outdoor version. The protective equipment is increased here because the goalkeeper is more vulnerable. He faces a smaller goal and thus he covers more of the goal area. Thus, the probability that he is hit increases.

5. Sticks

In field lacrosse, there are two other types of sticks beside the goalie stick due to the different game positions. For the attacker, there are about 40-inch sticks, while the defender sticks can be up to 72 inches long. In the case of the box lacrosse, the sticks are much smaller because of the size of the playing field.

differences between field lacrosse and box lacrosse - euqipment differences6. Equipment differences

Since more pinching is used in the box lacrosse, the stick net is different. The stringing style is designed to hold on tight to the ball. In addition, the sticks are more robust to withstand the brutal checks. You also do not need any cleats because it is an indoor sport. The uniform resembles that of an ice hockey team.

7. Year-round playability

Field Lacrosse is bound more seasonally than box lacrosse because it is played outside on a field. In the field variant the weather and the temperature should be as good as possible, whereas in the indoor version it does not matter if it rains, snows or hails. So you have the possibility to play lacrosse all year round.

In conclusion, if you like field lacrosse, you will like box lacrosse too. Despite the differences mentioned, the two sports are very similar. So if you can play field lacrosse, you will also get the rules and strategies of box lacrosse very quickly. So try it out and discover the diversity of the greatest sport in the world! And be a box and field lacrosse player instead of the differences between field lacrosse and box lacrosse.

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