5 reasons why sport makes you healthy

With the 5 reasons why sport makes you healthy, we want to help you to resist today`s seductive possibilities. With today’s technological developments, such as TVs, video game consoles, computers, and so on, the lifestyle is becoming much more sedentary and there are countless junk food options. With such a number of temptations, it quickly happens that you are prone to obesity or similar health problems. Despite many supplements, diet plans or gym machines, there is almost nothing that keeps us as fit as sport.

5 reasons why sport makes you healthyTraining without boredom

Everyone manages to do some sit-ups or chrunches in the evening or to jog around the block, but doesn’t that sound boring in the long run? Every evening the same exercises, every time see the same while running. It is important in sports to be physically active while being motivated or entertained. So it would be ideal if you do sports together, maybe with a friend or just in a club. Lacrosse is perfect for club sports. But how about the gym with a few teammates during the seasonal breaks?

For example, building the sport a little bit as a competition or a game, it adds adrenaline and keeps the athlete in the head, putting him off the effort. It burns many calories and builds muscle without us thinking about it. This is even more fun, because it is seen more as a free time, not like a practice routine.

5 reasons why sport makes you healthy - healthy lifestyleHealthy lifestyle

One point of the 5 reasons why sport makes you healthy is a healthy lifestyle. Nobody deliberately feeds bad or unhealthy food. Mostly, the decision to eat more unhealthy is due to an unhealthy lifestyle. These often result because of too much stress, thus lack of time and bad decision-making. If you just move too little and also has unhealthy eating habits, then this leads to a bad fitness. One of the best ways to learn, make better choices, and thus lead a healthier life is sport. Of course, it’s best to have a team sport like lacrosse. Here everyone is pulled along, no one stays on the track, everyone is supported. It’s a quick and easy way to learn how it works to live a healthy lifestyle with the help of your teammates. Even a sports lacrosse camp would be an excellent idea, because the training and play interval in combination with specific dietary habits get used to a professional schedule and thus to a disciplined lifestyle.

Choice of nutrition

You can not just assume that it is enough to do something physical and you are already living healthy. Many may think so, with a bit of sport a week, I can eat as much as and all the food I want. Unfortunately, that’s not quite true. The healthy diet is important to provide the necessary energy that athlete or the lacrosse player needs in the game. Eating and drinking contributes a lot to the performance of a person. A few tips can be found in our article: 8 Tips to eat properly and stay healthy and also how to set up a nutritional protocol can be found on the Captain LAX blog.

5 reasons why sport makes you healthy - Better feeling and knowledge about your bodyBetter feeling and knowledge about your body

One point of the 5 reasons why sport makes you healthy is the better feeling and knowledge about your body. With personal trainers and fitness apps you can gain valuable knowledge about your body and its fitness. For many it helps to know how the body works and how certain exercises affect the body and what results it achieves to improve overall fitness. Just by doing sports, you get to know your body a lot better, you can see what you can do, and even the sore muscles tell you where the individual muscles are.

Social environment

The great opportunity in sports, especially in team sports such as lacrosse, is that as an individual you meet other people with the same interests. You make contact quickly and easily and every lacrosser knows what I’m talking about when I say you’re not a team you’re a family.

If you surround yourself with people who have the same goals, then this reinforces the incentive to pursue and realize these goals. You enjoy the support of the teammates and find great training partners. This increases the motivation and the performance of the individual.

How do you see it? We hope we could show you with the 5 reasons why sport makes you healthy how important sport is and how easy it can be and how much fun it can be to live a healthy life.

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